Anyone 3rd time lucky ??

Hi, I am 37 and had been trying to get pregnant for a couple of years. I 1st fell pregnant in Jan this year but had a early miscarriage at about 5 weeks, I fell pregnant again but at 6wk, 4 days I started bleeding again just like the first time, had a ultra sound and a sack of pregnancy was still there but showing a week less, was told not to worry about the dates as this is very common to be a week either side and was told everything is in the right place ans that iv just gotta give it another week and they can scan me again, meanwhile my doc put me on complete bed rest, after about 4 days of bed rest I passed what looked like to me something small with a sack around it, I new this was the pregnancy sack, called the hospital but they seemed to think it was just a bloodclot and as I was in no pain they had me in 4 days later which was yesterday, it was confirmed that I had another miscarriage. It's so much more upsetting this time round. I asked for help to see if they could find out why this is happening but was told 9times out of 10 they never find out with early miscarriages and its when the chromosomes are coming together but there is something missing and your body rejects it, she also said there's nothing that can be done about my genes so it could keep on happening but to try again after my next period. They did offer the next time I fall pregnant to come straight to them n they can prescribe aspirin and something beginning with P for the first 12 weeks, I really not looked into that to much as of yet and will speak with my doctor cause I just don't no. I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through something similar and had a successful pregnancy with or without any help ??

Thanks for reading. And good luck to you all xx

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  • Oh I'm sorry to hear about your loss...but what the drs are saying is right they do prescribe aspirin nowadays and it does really help..but that is all something to consider when u are feeling up to it...give urself time to grieve...then when ur ready speak to the drs and discuss all ur options....I hope you have a successful pregnancy next time xx

  • I am really sorry for your loss and the stress you are going through. I am afraid I don't have experience on the matter so I do not recognise the course of treatment they propose. But I have a piece of information that might come handy to you: Prof Lesley Regan at St Mary's hospital in London is specialising in treating women that had recurrent miscarriages. My understanding from her research is that she is investigating underlying causes of recurrent miscarriage beyond chromosomal abnormalities and helps couples treat these causes when possible. Best of luck and I hope third time will indeed be lucky for you xxx

  • Hi, I'm so sorry to hear you have experienced another miscarriage. I know how heartbreaking it is. My consultant advised aspirin (75mg) daily to be taken as soon as I found out I was pregnant again following a miscarriage. I'm 35 weeks now so it is possible it has made a difference. I'm not familiar with the other medication that the hospital have mentioned. Take your time though - to look after yourself and grieve. Its important to make sure you're ready to try again. Best wishes x

  • Miscarriage is horrible when you've been so excited for a baby I lost my boy at 21weeks. But in this pregnancy I've been told to have 75mg of aspirin (won't be enough to cure a head ache but will prevent clotting as they can't know if you have clots in the placenter which cn be fatal to a fetus) also taking pregnacare to ensure u have all hormones and nutrients your baby will need to grow even before you get pregnant, Also ask for blood tests to check all is ok and maybe give your body a min of 3months for uterus cervix etc... To get back to normal. Good luck x

  • So sorry for your loss. I agree with giving yourself some time.

    I have an ivf baby through the argc who investigate for immune issues which can be the cause of recurrent miscarriage. Your p maybe progesterone which could help support your early pregnancy hormones. I also had ivig , clexane, and aspirin. I would push your GP to refer you to a specialist clinic. You may qualify under the nhs for help now after 2 yrs trying. Good luck

  • I hady first miscarriage at 14.5 weeks, my second at 18.5 weeks and my third I didn't discover until I was 12 weeks. I went for tests on my hormone levels but they came back fine and I had an internal ultrasound to make sure everything was working properly. During the tests I got pregnant and now have a beautiful 18 months old daughter. I since had a miscarriage at 4 weeks. See if you can have some hormone tests just take sure they aren't off balance.

  • Hi,

    Nothing will put your mind at rest but I was like you I had two miscarriages early on, the second was the sac just came out and that was 12 years ago and still upsetting now. five months later i fell pregnant with my daughter she was born fine and is now a healthy twelve year old, I went on to have another baby 2.5 years later and Ive just had my 3rd child 11 weeks ago. The pain and worry will never go as I was still frantic with my last pregnancy 12 years later. I was told they dont investigate until I had 3 miscarriages as it was so common, not very helpful when its happening to you. I do feel for you and hope all works out well soon.

  • Thank you everyone for taking the time reading and responding to me, it helps knowing that people no what your going through and it's great to find out that things can turn out okay and not to give up. Can I ask you ladies - after your miscarriages and then had successful pregnancies - did you take any aspirin or medication to help or was everything natural etc Thank you again to all of you x

  • I just experienced one missed miscarriage before this pregnancy now at 39 weeks. I didn't take anything at all other than a folic acid supplement.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

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