Anyone else had a growth scan with the consultant looking at it rather than the sonographer??

This might be normal. I don't know. Had a lot of sickness probs right through and it seems that whilst the doc has been trying to get the hospital to take it more seriously its only when the midwife did the last check up on Thursday that they've listened. I'm on iron tablets for anaemia, though they don't think they're working as well as should be, so may have to increase. And more importantly the bump just isn't growing. the previous scans were all fine, and the baby really is a very regular mover. If I'm really lucky I'll get three whole hours sleep before a kick in the bladder :) I haven't been coping well with the heat, but didn't even mention this to midwife as thought was a common pregnancy thing - its hot, we suffer more, but she immediately noted it when I went in and wrote that down too, saying have you been suffering through out summer. Yes, hasn't everyone? So that was an extra concern, though I'm not sure why. Now she's arranged a growth scan, annoyed I was having to wait a week for it after saying it was nothing to worry about (as I've always had very low bmi is probably just me that's small and not the baby as measured big at the previous scans), yet I've got to see the consultant to have a look at the scan, and likely to be seeing them for rest of pregnancy. Whilst I'm happy that means might have an improved solution on sickness front and I know I'll be well looked after, is there really nothing to worry about, and is it normally the consultant that looks at 28wk growth scan? Also have to keep reminding them that I'm 28, I look about 15/16 and if I don't remind them they tend to have the attitude to 'not tell me things for my own good' as I'd only worry more. Can be a pain

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Sounds very similar to my experience with my 2nd daughter. I raised concerns as my weight hadn't been increasing much. At first, no one seemed to take me seriously, but in the latter stages of pregnancy I had several growth scans as baby was measuring small. She was not gaining weight as expected and I was induced 10 days early weighing 5lb 15oz. Since birth she gained weight rapidly and is now a healthy 13 year old who is about to overtake me in height!

Because of her low birth weight, I am booked in for a growth scan for my current pregnancy tomorrow. This appointment is with the obstetrician. Try not to worry as they will look after you both and do what ia best for baby. I was very anxious with my daughter, but everything worked out for the best.


A lot of growth scans are done by the obstetricians - any potential problems can be acted upon more quickly that way. I had 4 weekly then two weekly growth scans from 25 weeks (poor Doppler flow on my uterine artery scan) - these we're all done by a consultant, so try not to worry xxx


Thank you both. that does actually make me feel better. Can't believe how easily worried I can get now. Certainly never used to. Is the first time my boyfriend has been calmer than me, saying that its just because I'm small, after all we can see the baby moving so much, exactly what they look like and he/she isn't small. Won't stop me from worrying but does help to know is normal x


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