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A Bad Cat Day


Okay, MR. Johnathon T. Fuzzibutt, Adventure Cat did perform a move that would've set my neurologist off, (like when he said, "DON'T let your cat kill you!"). It was Crazy Cat time. Mr. Johnathon T. Fuzzibutt was tearing around as fast as he possibly could. I was walking from the kitchen into the livingroom. And crazy cat ran BETWEEN my right leg and my cane, knocking my leg out from under me and knocking my cane off to the side! He gets to the front door and immediately pulls a UTurn and starts bouncing sideways toward me, fluffing! I didn't fall, but when I saw that, I just said, "Oh! Just quit that fluffing! I'm still bigger than you!"

Now dealing with Mr. Johnathon T. Fuzzibutt, Adventure Cat's baby brother, Prince Hopper Bopper, I needed to round him up and get him into his carrier so I could open up the garage door and get the garbageand recycle bins out. But while his big brother does the Crazy Cat thing, Prince Hopper Boper does the "Speedy Gonzales" thing! He zips around! And because he's considerably smaller than Johnathon, I reach, he's gone! Alright, so I do have to clean his pan (or pans--he has 3 because he's fussy) , so I grab a grocery bag and the scoop for the job. I'm scooping up, and Hopper is supervising from the top floor of his castle. When I'm done, I tie the bag up, grab my cane, and move to throw it out in the garbage bin. Hopper is Okay untill I lean my cane against a stack of boxes. I turn back, thinking I can grab him off the top of his castle. But he's vanished!

I don't even know where he went, but I've got to go to the bathroom, so I start to leave. And that's when I notice the bottom of the castle has grown a black and gray tail. And that tail is swishing! So I reach down to grab what is attatched to that tail . . . . Nope! Zip! I go back inside the house and decide to try again a couple of hours later. I go into the garage, and Hopper is back to zipping aournd and bounding over boxes. At one point he gets up on top of the recycle bin. I make a grab for him, and I catch him!! But it is with my worthless left flipper, so I can't hang on. Now to wait for another couple of hours.

Am I up to see if 3 strikes and I'll be out? Prince Hopper is hoping so! But I go back into the garage. I can't findrince Hopper anywhere! He's not in his tortilla (a bed I got for him which is a fake fur-lined tube. He's not purching on any of the boxes, not riding my partner's motorcycle (definately Born to Be Wild!) Not in the condo of his castle, or on any level. So I start to go back in, but out of the corner of my eye, I see a gray/black hump on the bottom of the castle, but this time the other side from last time!

Now I'm beginning to understand Prince Hopper Bopper doesn't know how to hide. He thinks as long as his head is hidden, nobody can see the rest of him!

I go back to the castle, bend down, and grab his hinde-end with one hand, and grab his top end with my other hand. There is a post between my arms. Prince Hopper isn't trying to get away. He's just locking his claws into the carpeting with all four feet.

And we're stuck!

For about 10 minutes.

Neither of us budging . . . .

Finally , Prince Hopper Bopper starts to complain with a bored, "meow".

I have to let him go and cuss.

My partner tries, and Prince Hopper Bopper meets him at the door and Bill scoops him right up, gets him right into his carrier, and says to me, "What was the problem? That wasn't all that hard!"


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I just love your cats names. 🤗

😆I'm glad you got help catching him.:)

Isn't that the way it always works? Someone else always makes it look easy after you have struggled to get the job done!

"I have to let him go and cuss." Bwahahahahaha!!!

gheezz, i think kittys have your number, you are big fun to them.they do run 80 mph!don't let them scratch you or trip you!

isn't that the way it goes you fight with them for hours and someone comes home and can grab them right up ...so mad to be so easy for someone else but again it is done and they are the bad one that puts them in the carrier ahhahahahal...take a great needed break ...

Absolutely! But Prince Hopper Bopper is not a fan of me anymore (when he was a young kitten, he loved it when I picked him up. He'd bburry his head in my hair, I guess because it reminded him of Mom!) Now, he just sees me as the one who always scoops him up and puts him in his carrier and up goes the garage door, and he's convinced I'm preparing him as a pooch snack.

Your description of this makes me laugh. I'm glad you didn't fall! I hope you can laugh at their antics!

Oh! I'm always laughing at these guys! Like last night. I was trying to make some fried zuccini. But for whatever reason, Mr. Johnathon T. Fuzzibutt insisted on doing laps around the island. Not running, but also not stopping. I don't know if he was getting his steps in on a pedameter or maybe a cell phone, but it was around and round and round and round . . . At least he wasn't on the TOP of the island. But every time I stepped closer to the island to work, I'd be on his track and be in his way! I thought surely he'd give it up, but NOPE! So at a certain point, I scooped him up (he actually doesn't mind being held) and carried him into the living room where his carrier is. started to lean down as if I was going to put him in. That was it! He wanted down. And he suddenly discovered there were other things he needed to do besides his laps around the kitchen island!

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