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Gotta Cool Mahhh Belly

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They always say cats love heat. And Mr. Johnathon T. Fuzzibutt Adventure Cat would under normal circumstances, hang out upstairs where it was always the hottest even with the A/C. Now, he's like this wherever he can find a cool spot. Never mind he was told it was probably cooler on the tile than the carpeting. But tile isn't cushy enough for royalty.

Now, for me, I am thankful for a "shower chair" because I can sit in the shower with cold water running. Multiple calls to any A/c repair tech might be answered, but no repair date scheduled. I never officially had "drop foot" noted before with any neurological exam, but I'm just dragging my left foot when I'm walking. Thinking clearly is now just something that happened in the past. I have to clean the house for a fantasy repair person to show up and I do what I can before I feel like I'll pass out. Now, I guzzle 3 48 oz bottlesmof Essensia water, but then . . .

I've never borne a child, and my incontinence issues were not because of menopause, but for MS. I've worn Depends or Always Descrete for about 4 years. While I've had a number of petty complaints about them, those complaints are nothing like what is going on with being soaked in sweat. Yeah. Only sweat. But it feels like I'm sitting in a pee soaked diaper and I want to be raising hell like any infant in any similar situation!

10 Replies
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Your AC is still not fixed? I am sorry, how hot is it? No wonder you are dragging your foot, the heat will be making your ms crazy. I hope your AC gets sorted soon, I love your cats names, blessings Jimeka 😊

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CrazyCatWom in reply to jimeka

Nope, still no A/C, and yeah, I'm worried my Aubagio is failing me. And I no longer even have a neurologist anymore to talk to about it. The University Hospital is going back into lock down.

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Almost 90 here today, don't know how I would survive without the AC, Probably just sit in front of a fan and not move. I sure hope you get yours fixed soon. Good luck!

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Oh my gosh, still no a/c! I can barely stand to walk outside cuz it is so hot right now. It's been in the mid to high 90s for the past 2 weeks with 50% humidity. I can't imagine not having a/c in this. Prayers for that repair guy to get there soon!🙏🙏🙏

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Put a pan of ice in front of a fan. That will help for awhile. There is a medicine to help the bladder issue. Believe me, I'm on it! What happened to your neuro?

Off the subject, what does the "T" stand for in your cat's name? Was wondering that the other day!

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CrazyCatWom in reply to mrsmike9

Well, I got one of those Artic Coolers that are essentially swamp coolers, but you soak the filter then stick it in the freezer, then put it back into the cooler. I'm using it for when I'm trying to sleep. I'm on a medication for my bladder issues, and they work really well. The problem I'm having, though, is the gallons of sweat my "adult briefs" are sopping up, so my hind end is always wet. I lost my neurologist in June. When I told my primary care that, he said, "Has Barrette FINALLY REALLY retired now?!?" Nope, that wasn't it. My neuro is pursuing his passion, now--pediatric neurology. A neurologist from Boston has supposedly taken his adult patients. But Dr. Barrette's former staff will not return calls, nor will the new neurologist's staff. So I really have no clue what's going on with that.

Okay, Mr. Johnathon T. Fuzzibutt's middle initial is for either "Terrorist" or "Trouble".

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try using a spritz bottle of water on your self and also the cat ..they won't like it at first but it does cool a person off just keep doing it to help cool off and also the animals ...take care and many prayers for the ac to be fixed ...take care and try to stay cool..

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CrazyCatWom in reply to twooldcrows

I really like the spritz bottle idea! A few nights ago, I was sitting in my usual spot--on couch working on computer. I had soaked a paper towel to press against my forehead and neck. Mr. Johnathon T. Fuzzibutt, Adventure Cat was sitting right next to me. I started petting the top of his head and felt how hot his ears were. I wrapped the wet paper towel around one of those burning ears. I expected him to shake his head and jump down. Instead he leaned further into me, and I could almost hear his sigh of relief.

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best cat name ever 😸. i hope they fix your ac soon.

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so glad ...they know when we want to help them it ...

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