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My MS and Covid-19


Hello. My name is Jack. I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed with MS in 2003. I'm legally deaf, wheelchair-bound. Thanks to my hearing aids, my wheelchair, and handicap minivan I get around pretty well. Covid-19 is messing up my mind. Separation from people is not for me. Jack.

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Welcome to the forum, jwoj13699 :-D

I think COVID is messing with a lot of folks minds. It’s scary stuff. Welcome to the group. I hope this forum gives you inspiration, offers some well thought out opinions on our experience with MS, and even helps you to laugh here and there as well. I look forward to getting to know you.

Well, what would you like to know about me? Jack.

Whatever you’d like to share...interests, hobbies, etc. We are just happy to have you join us!

Hi Jack, welcome to the forum. I have PPMS as well, and this forum has been a great help to me in many ways. We all have different types of ms but we all understand each other. Join in at any time, ask any question you like there is always someone willing to help. We like a good laugh as well, so if you know any good clean jokes, then please share. Blessings Jimeka 😊

jwoj13699 in reply to jimeka

Can you please send me a link for it? Thank you. Jack.

jimeka in reply to jwoj13699

Link for what Jack?

Covid-19 is a bad virus. Social distancing creates an oasis for depression. We all need people's interaction, to function right. I missed how it was last year, without distancing, masks, worry.

Thank you for the link.

Thank you. Would you mind sending me a link for it?


Welcome, Jack! I’m so glad you found this lovely group.

Welcome Jack!

I too have PPMS (Diag 2017).

Well I just set up a counseling session w/my senior pastor TODAY for myself and my loving wife. Relating to being disabled physically through MS, emotionally through MS & COVID and spiritually because I know I’m not doing what I’m called to do because I’m not coping properly w/the whole war. So I’m going for Godly counsel to get things aligned w/my Heavenly Father. I’m praying for you Jack as well as all my other wonderful loving friends within this forum.

God bless you my friend.


Welcome Jack. Joining the forum and talking with the group you may not feel so alone.


Hi Jack! Welcome to this forum! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t miss life pre-Covid. I know I do.

I live solo and not being able to travel to visit family and long-distance friends has really upended my lifestyle. I live in a part of the country that gets a ton of weather not conducive to meeting a friend outdoors unless we want to get drenched so that option is minimally available.

Sorry to hear you are struggling, Jack, it is the absolute pits this Covid on top of everything else you have to struggle with. Don't suffer in silence - so glad you felt able to reach out. Best wishes and keep on keeping on. 🥰


My doctor set me up with a counselor for november 6th because I complained of feeling embarrassed about my walking probs and about having MS. I can’t wait to see what she has to say

Welcome to the group, Jack!

welcome Jack,you are not alone,covid is messing up alot of people,when will it end?give me a date please,....this is a great place to laugh,cry,or scream,share your joys,pick your poison:)

Welcome! I have found this group to be informative and fun. Lots of unique perspectives and talents shared. I hope you enjoy the group - I sure do!

Welcome, Jack! Hopefully online friends like us can help keep you company. I know everyone here helps me (in so many ways).

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