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What can I do about feet pain?


My feet hurt, freezing cold all the time. I am getting tired of this foot drop. I don't want to use my walker because I feel old when I do. I guess I should be grateful I am walking. But every step I take, I can feel pain travel from my feet to my legs. Has anyone have this and what treatment you been doing?

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Is your doctor aware of this pain? The pain may be from other causes than MS, so it's important to ask your doctor to make sure.

I think many of us use gabapentin, Lyrica, or other medications to help at least reduce neurologic pain with pretty good success. I hope you won't just suffer in silence, but get some help for it. That must be pretty miserable. I had leg pain for 20 years before I knew it was MS, but it took me about 4 years to ask for something to help with it. Am I stubborn!

I've had to use my rollator many times, mainly due to leg weakness or vertigo. I was so hesitant to use it, too, and for the same reason as you. But after finally taking it out and feeling as though I had some security in preventing a fall, and feeling like I could sit down if I needed to take a break, it felt very freeing. I sure understand your feelings, but hope you will work past that worry of feeling old soon. The main thing is to stay safe. I also figured that I would REALLY feel old if I fell and broke a hip! I'm 60 with bad osteoporosis, so my risk of a fracture would be pretty high if I fell.

Stay safe and get some help with that pain. Let us know what you find out from your doctor.

Yes, my neurologist knows about my feet pain. I have tried those medications but I got no relief. :( I have a zoom meet Friday to see what treatment she may have for me. I was hoping I could talk about these suggestions.

I also fell, and ended up shattered my hip a few years ago. I have rods and pins put in to help hold my hip together. I am scared to death of falling too. If I fall, the Drs might not be able to put me together again. I think of myself as Humpty Dumpty. :(

Hi Loving....Grandma😊

I'm a "living example" of Humpty Dumpty!!!

At least,our " parts" are replaceable!"😊


I hope so!

Well - if the options are between using your walker and "feeling old" or risking another bad fall and smashing up more bits of you that will result in making you feel "absolutely b... ancient" :( I think there's no contest and the choice is extremely clear-cut :)

I got to try to remember that!

Good reply/advice 👍

I agree, using my walker is better than falling.

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to Redhead4377

I have the added benefit of owning and occasionally using a really ugly pink shower cap. When I got into pajamas and robe with the pink shower cap while using my rollator, I reminded my husband of the dreaded "Aunt Edna" in the movie "Vacation." What great laughs we had over that!

jorrell in reply to greaterexp

Never surrender,,, and if that doesn't work quite right get creative and improvise! At least you are not dealing with Ralph's pink deranged bunny suit in "A Christmas Story!"

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to jorrell

I guess it can always be worse!

That’s great 😃

I have the visual 👀

Gotta have fun with it...

First time I went for my physical therapy,

I was walking to my truck, with my walker

And there was an older gentleman with a walker—

I smiled at him and said...”you wanna race?”

He smiled 😃 even more

Lol 😆

You're right Redead4437😃

U gotta have fun w/it🤣😂🤣 👍 I always say "I'd rather laugh than 😢! Love your story!


I don’t have this pain but does ur dr know bout this? U should go see a foot dr as well.

I take gabapentin for neuropathic itch which is really painful. I go to a non traditional pain clinic that focuses on exercise over pain and he had me up my gabapentin from 2x’s a day to 3x’s a day because of lower back pain

Unfortunately,neurontin( aka gabapentin) doesn't work for the constant pain I have... Scar tissue , from my "signal fusion!"


sorry to hear that

Do you have an AFO for your foot drop? That’s what saves me from using a cane 👍 Ken ☺️🐾🐾

Loving_Grandma in reply to Kenu

Whats AFO?

Kenu in reply to Loving_Grandma

It is a brace for your foot drop. Mine is a “Turbo Med” fits on outside of your shoes. I am on my third one now, 😊 love it. Ken 🐾🐾

I was also going to suggest an AFO. Mine is graphite and fits inside my shoe. The physical therapist put in a request to my neuro and once they got authorization from insurance the prescription was sent to am orthotics clinic. I had already met my deductible for the year so it didn't cost me anything.

I love it!! It took a couple weeks for my leg to get used to walking normal again.

There are lots of different kinds and a referral to an orthotics clinic will get you sorted out. I tried on a few before choosing the one I have.

As for the pain mine is pretty mild and only intermittent so I don't take anything. I take gabapentin for vertigo so it may be helping my feet too.

Good luck.

You know what Ken,I'm still refusing to go for My AFO boot!!! I know I need one - then maybe I wouldn't be falling "all the time!"😞


It’s a brace that goes on the outside of my shoes. Love it 😊 Ken 🐾🐾

Loving_Grandma in reply to Kenu

I am will mention this to my Dr. Maybe it could help me too.

Kenu in reply to Loving_Grandma

You’re doctor would write prescription and you take it to Orthotics specialist and they order and fit it. Mine was $1000. but insurance paid all but $80. 👍🙏

Loving_Grandma in reply to Kenu

I hope my insurance covers it too.

What insurance do you have?

Because, you /we need to know- I have anthem/HMO, which doesn't cover much..Oct.15 I'm switching insurance!

😊🙏❤Lisa. 💕

United Health, third year with them and have had good results and coverage where I need it 👍🙏 Ken 🐾🐾

Coincidence??? I was thinking of swichting United health , on October 15th!!! Another friend of mine has helped me -from this website. She already has me convinced me bout the beififits!!! Have a "👍 night.


I will talk to my husband about this insurance.

I have Humana and Medicare and medi-caid. They dont like paying for hardly anything for me. Might be time for me to switch insurance too.

I will check into it. I don't like having to pay for things I shouldn't be charged for. Thank you.

I think so too...

Loving_Grandma I’m another that takes gabapentin for the neuropathic pain I have. It helps some but mostly just takes the edge off. I try just to ignore it. My feet also get very cold. And I not only have the neuropathic pain from my knees down, I have some numbness. I didn’t even know I had that until one of the pin prick tests at my neuro’s office revealed it.

I will talk to my Dr about what she thinks if I should try it again. I can't give up.

There are a lot of reasons for cold feet and foot pain. 1) circulation. If you are not getting your heart pumping, even with just arm circles or marching In place with the walker or light resistance bands 2) neuropathy 3) residual from other fall injury.

Do you see a physical therapist?

I use gabapentin from an injury, but sometimes that 600 mg x3 is not enough. Ask doctor about Lidocaine patches, capsasian cream, extended release Tramadol.

Reading the other replies, it seems like you are trying to force yourself through things without all the tools. You know what you need to do. It’s like not getting glasses when you can’t see. The tools are out there.

I am currently going to a physical therapist. I was told my knee replacements and the rods in my hip are blocking the signals from going from my brain to my feet. Does that mean I have to live in pain? I praying my Dr can help give me some relief!

I had synvysc injections (artificial joint fluid) in my wrist. I don't know if it is approved for hips. My nephew's grandma just had a compression fracture in her back and they did some sort of glue, minimally invasive.

Did they actually hook up electrodes and watch the signals? I had that for carpal tunnel.

I would need to research more on how neurons to the legs and feet work, but if the signal is blocked, there would not be pain. It must be rerouting.

Acupuncture and chiropractic are options. I loved mine. Try the capsasian. Use gloves when you apply it. Keep active. Use the walker.

Do you know Richard Simmons? Go old school for exercise. A can of soup and arm circles will get blood flowing.

I will talk to my Dr with what you suggested. I do have a video of Richard Simmons packed away. I need to start using it, it might help.

Unfortunately , u can't even get tramadol ....its considered a narcotic....thank God for "mother nature ! 😃😅😂🤣🤣

Do you take neurontin or been diagnosed with raynods

I am currently am using magnesium. I will have to ask the Dr about raynods when I talk to her.

Raynouds will ,most definitely. do it! I know because of 🚬.Its been 6yrs , smoke free!!!! 😊

🙏love . ❤Lisa💕

i ask my dr for a prescription for a rollater so my insurance would pay, his response was "i am so proud of you,most people are to embarrassed to get and use one"I personally find most people very kind when you have one,the help you,open doors,let you cut in line,etc.as far as your pain,i am so sorry,hope you feel better.i will do anything to keep moving

It's harder for moving nowadays- especially since there are 👎 open pools, since this d... covid!#$#!!#&@

That's the ONLY TIME I don't have any PAIN!

I do hope you find the help u need🙏🙏🙏💘 Lisa💕

grrrrr,you are right the blankity -blank covid 19

I wish my Dr would talk to me in a more positive manner.

I also have the problem with my feet burning all the time. They both are freezing cold and get dark red. My hands burn all the time too.

Loving_Grandma in reply to Mulch

I wish we didn't have to deal with it. No wonder they call the drs they are practicing medicine. They dont have the answers to everything.

Feet pain is one of my biggest problems/distractions/distressors - for 10+ years. I take gabapentin and it helps (a bit). My feet can feel extremely tight, hot or cold, numb, sore, pins/needles. I recently started wearing compression foot sleeves, and they also help a good bit and seem to diminish how much I feel the pain. Nothing takes it away. I have three different "models" - here is one I purchased on Amazon: amazon.com/gp/product/B0743...

I am going to order these and try them out.

starlight5 in reply to Ethyrum

Ethyrum I want to thank you for the suggestion and the link. I have numbness and burning from feet to knees. Feet can also feel very cold/hot or achy. Out of desperation I purchased the socks and although it has only been a few days, so far they are working better for the awful burning then the 3600 mg of Gabapentin I take a day!

Please share a link to the other two types you have found that provide relief. Thank you so so much!!!

Ethyrum in reply to starlight5

Oh!! I’m so happy to hear this. My thought is, any relief we can get is worth it. Especially if it doesn’t include adding medications. I still use my gabapentin, but the socks take the edge off of it. Here’s another pair I recently bought. They are OK but don’t have as much compression as the first pair I shared (my feet are very narrow, so I think that’s why these socks don’t offer as much compression. I wish I could find a pair of these for narrow feet 😂)


I’ll have to look around online to see if I can find the third pair that I bought recently. When I do, I’ll post it.

For my shins and calves, I use these from Amazon (they make “long” walks much more comfortable): SB SOX Compression Calf Sleeves (20-30mmHg) for Men & Women - Perfect Option to Our Compression Socks - for Running, Shin Splint, Medical, Travel, Nursing, Cycling, Leg Pain

Ethyrum in reply to starlight5

I found the other pair, in addition to what I posted earlier today. promo.trynanosocks.com/tx-5...

These are thicker, I bought the white ones. I'd probably stick to black if I bought them again because the white gets dirty (obviously, I should have known). These are longer than the SB Sox brand. I like them to cover the balls of my feet since they typically hurt me (extreme tightness).

Keep me posted. I'm open to anyone's suggestions. I've learned so much on this site and appreciate everyone's support.

starlight5 in reply to Ethyrum

Thank you for responding so quickly! I will check those out. I will keep in touch as to how they are working.

I also purchased a pair for my son who has suffered with plantar fasciitis for so long. I pray they give him some relief.

Idk about the pain. I take Ampyra and it totally helps alleviate my foot drop! An afo (ankle foot orthosis) would probably be very helpful for foot drop. I’ve only seen the ones that you wear over your calf and inder your foot that go inside your shoe

I asked my Dr about if I can go back on Ampyra, she will talk to me tomorrow abouwhat she thinks about it.

My foot pain is present when I go to bed and am flat. Per the cold? Mine always feel like blocks of ice, but when I touch them they're not. I still put them in heavy socks.

I have the same symptoms as you, but my feet do feel cold to the touch.

I currently take cymbalta and cannabis (hybrid 50/50 indica/sativa) tincure for my neuropathy and spasticity also includes Cyclobenzaprine (flexaril) and cannabis for spasticity. I was on Ocrevus for my last DMT. I didnt have any reduction of any symptoms while on Ocrevus. For me it qas exactly rhe opposite. I believe mow that it increased some symptoms bit may factor in to how well im doing in the past couple months. Or it could be due to my last infusion was in July of 2019 and it leaving my sysstem may be the improvements im seeing. No way to be certian.

I dont know what my Dr decided to do to try to help me.

Hopefully ypy will have some relief soon!

I sure hope so!

So many options and details from each others. But you need to learn more about yourself in detail, because each of us are very similar but too much different in lesions locations, effects and body. Try to read more in some medical advice reports, books, online, apps where you can send the key word to get more to the point.

The doctor will not cover all your symptoms and felling. It's too similar and different each other. You need to find your unique group of local and general body for the doctor have more specific conclusion from where is the damage and how he can improve in more optional ways depends of the location of the brain damage, not only the leg, the extremities of body that are the extension of the damage in the brain sometimes.

If I am writing confused, sorry, but our symptoms some times are very similar for the doctor have the special treatment for each individual.

I recently saw a podiatrist regarding some pain on the top of my foot. He suggested Icy Hot or Blue Emu for the neuropathy in my feet, moving up to capsaicin and cbd if these didn't help. He explained the pros and cons of each. He was a very thoughtful dr and had actually read my chart before the appointment!

Blue Emu seems to be helping with the constant numbness/tingling, as I can now feel the inflamed nerve on the bottom of my foot... Being able to feel pain doesn't sound like much of improvement, but I should have been able to feel the inflamed spot months ago and I didn't because of the numbness. The constant vibration/tingling feeling has definitely decreased or at least become dulled.

Perhaps you can ask your doctor if there are some topical creams that could help?

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