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Nerve pain legs & feet

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Hello, I’ve tried Gabapentin and wasn’t able to tolerate it. Currently I’m on 10 mg of amitriptyline, but doesn’t do much but give me a good night’s sleep (20 mg leaves me groggy all day)

I’ve searched this site for posts but can’t find the one about suggestions for brands of creams I can try to relieve the pain. Sorry if this is redundant and thank you for any suggestions.

Peace, Rileymom

15 Replies
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Rileymom, I have used a cream called Anniaca (not sure of spelling) that seems to help. I have are pain in my arm that was broken a few years ago, at night and it seems to help. I got it on Amazon and it comes in jell form too, I think. 😀🌺😎

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Rileymom in reply to BigMar7

Thank you. I use that too. I can’t tell if if helps much. Sometimes I combine it with lidocaine. Sometimes I use CBD & still can’t tell what helps. I’ll go back to Arnica for a few days- thank you for your help BigMar7

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have gone to a pain management clinic? They may be able to help

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Rileymom in reply to rjoneslaw

No, that’s a great idea. Thank you

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Eventually the gabapentin wasn't enough for me either. Dr.Ashish Vyas from the UAB clinic added lyrica but maybe switching from gaba to lyrica may be and option. They are similar but seemed to work better in conjunction with the other. Just a suggestion.

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pamgarner in reply to Fattius

I go to UAB clinic also,different birmingham?

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Fattius in reply to pamgarner

Srry, he's out of montgomery alabama .

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pamgarner in reply to Fattius

my neighbor down the road:)

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Bamafan57 in reply to pamgarner

I also go to UAB. Who is your Dr there? Mine is Bashir.

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pamgarner in reply to Bamafan57

Dr william meador.he is in with bashir,we are neighbors!Roll Tide!!!

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I can't take gabapentin either.he recently put me cymbalta,it works fabulous for me.I also take an antidepressant and this also has a small amt in it.this has eliminated the pain if I remember to take it and it turned off the tears, I was crying every am ,now I wake up joyful.It has been good for me

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I don't know if yours is the same as mine or not, but I take a magnesium and potassium supplement every day. It makes a world of difference in my legs.

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nerve pain, ice the area cool it down. You may want to consider cooling the whole body. Where it hurts follow th blood vessels and cool the area. If this is not clear ask again

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I did all the drugs my neuro's could throw at me. Prescriptions, all of the above. Non-scripts, yep, them too. CBD, lotions, nothing. CBD edibles, even double dosing, a little bit, but you could cut your feet and legs off waiting. Best, use it regularly, vaping a CBD rich flower, no deadly potions. You could smoke it, but that's not recommended by my Neurologist. Common sense, why fill your lungs with carcinogens if you don't have to. Vaping only heats the flower so much, to start releasing the vaporized oils? A strain, even like AC DC which has a 20:1 CBC to THC ratio, and can be obtained from hemp, ordered via the internet, seems to work best. Does the trick for me. I prefer to use a medical cannabis dispensary, with lab testing... But, my Neurologist recommended trying vaping, rather than smoking. It will work immediately if it is going to.

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I could not do gabapentin either but Lyrica did help. my last prescription was filled as generic pregablin . hope effect still the same

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