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A good day out of challenge

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Since I was diagnosed with MS and had double vision, for some reason, I was afraid that I would lose the ability to drive a car. For the past 8 or so years, I have been running/racing in autocross. For the past two years, I took first in class for 2017 and 18. This year was a different story, I had a minivan cut in front of me on the street... their fault, messed up my very old 2001 Porsche, it took 2 months to fix it and about 2 more weeks for me to recover from pneumonia while on Ocrevus for the first time.

But today, after a challenging year from MS and work finding out about it, I took second place out of five. It was a true honor at the last run of the year to accept the second place award while using a cane to walk. The people I race with, know that I have MS, they are always offering to help me do whatever, but unless there is something I physically can't do, I thank them for the offer and continue wearing out the knees on my jeans as I work on the car. All of them know that I want to do everything on my own, but they know my limits, in short, my competitors are great friends and, when needed, helpers.

All of the above being said, Autocross is fun, you can show up in you daily driver station wagon, and learn about how the car handles in challenging situations. And no, autocross will not damage your car, worst case, you hit an orange cone that leaves zero damage on your car, trust me I know that from repeated experience!

BTW, Porsche autocross events accept cars from other makers, we are not stuck up folks, we appreciate, and help anyone who shows up, the car in the pic is worth less than $9K, but it is fun!

Why is the front end of my car red? Simple, I can't stand it when a minivan runs over it!

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Beautiful looking car. Doubled51 will love it. Sounds like you have some great fun, keep it up and enjoy, blessings Jimeka 😊 👍

Congratulations!!! How thrilling that must be! Gorgeous car, too! Thank you for sharing your triumphs and about your good friends.

Thank you so much for sharing, I loved reading it! And you have a beautiful car!


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Way to go jorrell !! So glad you weren't hurt! Welcome to the community! My dad would be all over your car!😂🤣

I really don't blame you on the minivan!😂🤗💕


Congratulations on your prize!

i bet it is fun ..anything that moves ya right and fun at the same time...that is how i feel when we go to the beach and i can go where ever up and down steep hills and not get in trouble for going fast ...we are care full for there is always someone that wants to go to but doesn't want to wait there turn so they go the wrong place ...we always have to watch out for the other guy but boy is it fun...out in the wilderness and the beauty of the beach at the top of the hills is wonderful....hope you get to keep races for along time ...i sure hope i get to also...so fun and you forget about this monster that wants attention ...ahhahah...we just keep on going getting rest in between so we get to keep having fun...love and happiness and loads of laughs and smiles...

Congratulations! Nice car 😀

Sounds like fun! And love the car!

Congratulations, that's awesome! It is inspiring to hear about others continuing to do everything they can for themselves and live life to its fullest 😁😁

I have never been one to accept help unless truly necessary and that hasn't changed now that I have MS. I know some day I will need a lot of help so trying to save all that help for later 😃

Keep on having that fun and watch out for those minivans!

there is the element of braveness that goes with your achievement, your win and ms...congratulations

Wow! That's a sweet ride! I bet it's fun to drive!

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Wow! Truly inspiring, jorrell I can almost see you going 900 mph, hair on fire, and a huge smile on your face! Congrats on your exciting accomplishments, and allowing me to live vicariously through your adventures! :-D

Love your car! Simply beautiful and maybe I'll try it. I understand the double vision; I have my bouts with it too.



NeeC, I recommend autocross for anyone who drives, especially teenagers and folks that really need to learn how to deal with our limitations. It has really helped me overcome, while driving, double vision, loss of balance, and even peripheral neuropathy of the feet. Any daily driver car is fine, if you go off course, you hit an orange cone that doesn't damage your car.

Good luck!

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