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Let's Share Good News' Healing Powers!

I have been inspired by many recent post from our chat room membership and extended family. Listening to good news after good news I realized how all these tidbits of Joyous information brighten up a chat room that is flooded with problems and situations caused by the monster we fight. As a result I'm asking everyone that can please share an item of good news that has happened in your life over the past week or so. Let's plant the seeds of happiness and hope they fill in the cracks and overcome the seeds planted by the monsters that causes us such this stress and anxiety.

I will start by sharing the wonderful time we had Sunday night at our annual Super Bowl party. The conversation was light and lively. The house was full of dear friends that we don't always make time to see. And to top it off it was a fantastic game by two super star teams and it had us biting our nails down to the very end. The feast to the resistance was that the Eagles pulled off the upset and won their first Super Bowl championship ever. And you know what it was okay if I picked a great spot in front of the TV and set down except I got up to fill up my plate. I guess you could say that on Sunday night MS was actually a blessing in disguise as I got to see the whole game from a great position and not touch my fingers to hardly any of the work. It seemed like it was a win-win-win situation for me! So let's share health issues, fun times, or simply the good place you find yourself in. It doesn't matter as long as it is a positive and joyous happening to you or something you enjoyed!

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I was so happy to learn that a dear friend came through a surgery to remove a very rare type of melanoma from her nose. It could have been very disfiguring at the least, but though she looks like she lost a big fight (tons of bruising and swelling), she learned that her lymph nodes and all the margins are free from cancer! What a great answer to prayer!

Good news is good for the soul. We have some negatives which are out of our control, but good things do happen.

Thanks for encouraging some positive posts along with the venting and very real needs and hurts. We need both.


GREAT idea Fancy1959 🐎 !

Sunday, my oldest Angel Monster, who is 28😭 I'm old!😐 And my grandson πŸ’• who is 8 and 1\2 came to visit me!πŸ’• It was a Wonderful few hours! As I hadn't seen them since last Easter.

There is nothing like getting a hug and LOVE from your grandchildren. It's all unconditional!πŸ’• and I tell you what I needed that fix!!πŸ’•

My daughter also took my Sugar Gliders.πŸ˜• All 4of them. But I know she will take care of them! πŸ’• Thanks MS. Once again you suck!😐

J 🌠


Good news, my Aubagio was finally approved and shipped. Received yesterday, only went without for week, but all’s well. πŸ‘πŸ•πŸ©πŸΆπŸΎπŸ™Ken


It's been over two weeks ago, but my mother in law's MRI showed that radiation has almost killed all of her tumors. She's still stage 4, and she's still with us 😁 😍


My good news may seem silly to some but it was fantastic to me. I am in a study group for genealogy that is led by a professional researcher. For the 3rd week in a row I received the highest marks on my assignment. Everyone else is the group is so called normal in that they have no cognitive issues. I am so excited that even with all of my cognitive problems I have been able to excel at my studies. It takes me quite a bit longer, but I still have it!


I do have some good news and i am glad to have a reminder of it. Something to look forward to after all the dark clouds.

My best friend is going to be coming to see me in July! She will be close by for a wedding so we are making plans for her to come stay with me for a few days! I am ecstatic! I have not seen her in 10 years πŸ˜πŸ’œ

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I had a terrible dream last night,but I woke up feeling good inside,glad to be alive. MS move out the way cause I am alive

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