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MS and pregnancy

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Hi my name is Rocio 29years old, diagnosed since 2007, I’m in treatment with Acetato de glatiramer for almost a year now, because I’m trying to get pregnant... I’m from Dominican Republic and the weather is really hot here, during pregnancy what do you recommend in order to be as stable as possible when the baby comes. Thanks!

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Hi rocioreyesbayona Welcome! And congrats on trying to get pregnant! I wish you luck!🤗

Staying cool is a big problem, pregnant or not!

Do you have a cooling vest, wrap? AC? I named my AC Alice!😂

If you don't have the cooling vest you can check out here!

I like the mist fan also. All it's been doing is raining here tho!



I have just been reading an article about estrogen in pregnant ladies. Apparently because whilst you are pregnant your estrogen levels increase so your ms goes into remission. So if you can become pregnant hopefully this will be true for you. Living in the Dominican Republic with the heat must be hard. I hope you have good use of a swimming pool. Swimming is really good, both for ms and pregnancy. Let us know how you get on, Blessings Jimeka 🦋

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