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Yes, we are often alone with this condition. Alone in the sense that how do "YOU" find the words to describe what "YOU" are going through. Be it pain, frustration and even fear. "You" may be physically alone, but that does not mean that "YOU" have to be lonely. There may be nobody there to hold your hand, but there is a family for "YOU" to receive a virtual hug (Vhug) from. This is a V family (virtual family). We are not any type of trained medical professionals, but we have some idea of what "YOU" are going through. Amazingly if "YOU" tell us we might have a way to help. Sometimes just saying out loud that I am scared is a help. Yes, "YOU" may be lonely at times. This is part of our human condition. Like our animal family, we are mostly social creatures on this planet. For one reason or the other, we seem to like those of us, similar to us. We are similar to "YOU", we understand. Join in and talk to us. "YOU" may be lonely, but, "YOU need never be alone.

Unlike spouses family or friends we will never abandon "YOU". "YOU" are our sister or brother, "YOU" are one of us. Wipe away those tears and know that "YOU" are where "YOU" belong for as long as "YOU" need to be. There are times along this ms journey that "YOU" need a helping hand, ask for it. There are times when "YOU" want to be alone, that is okay we understand, a Vms life is not for everyone. We are openminded and forgiving like that. When "YOU" need us, we are here, and we are not going anywhere. Everybody here has some form of ms for life, very long lives I hope.


it is okay to be alone, but "YOU" need never be lonely

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What a nice thing to post!

Here's some hugs for you :)

animals get it

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jimeka in reply to falalalala

Aww, that is so wonderful. 👍

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Well said, Royce :-D


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