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It is a very nice day today

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No particular reason, it is just a very nice day. The sun is still shining, Alexa is playing acca dacca (AC\DC), my friend did not go to the gym today so I got to sleep in. The cleaners come so I will have a made bed tonight. There is food in the fridge and vegetables in the freezer. To be honest there is Vanilla Bean ice cream that I still have not opened. Maybe tonight or tomorrow or next month. I wonder if ice cream goes off. Ahh well whatever, if it does, it is it does.

I had a moment's panic last night. It appeared that my efforts to control my blood sugar and cholesterol had all been for naught, This morning I looked at the report again and compared it to my previous results. It was not as bad as I had at first thought. The numbers were stable compared to a few months ago. My panic was uncalled for. I am somewhat vague on what the numbers mean, but I can tell when one number is bigger or smaller than the last, and I have learned which lower or bigger number is better. I asked the doctor and a nurse. It is always nice to have a second opinion and to have your very own copies of test results. Keeping records is a lifesaver sometimes. Just being a pill-popping sick person is no way to live. "HAVE" some degree of control of your life, do not just lurch from one calamity to the next, relying on others for all your answers. "YOU" are strong, act like it. Sometimes being strong is admitting that "YOU" need help and then asking for it. Most people have not perfected mind reading, yet.

I think I have to turn the volume down, I am not 14 anymore and although I am the only person in he neighbourhood I do not think the handyman across the road needs to hear Brian Johnson's screaming. Besides I need more coffee. It really is a nice day.


Enjoying my existence

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It is a great day!!! Chilly but great!!!! 😊❤🌷

Same here a little chilly but the sun is shining 👍🙏😊 Ken 🐾🐾

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RoyceNewton in reply to Kenu

agreed though where I am usually means shorts

Very deep thoughts RoyceNewton

All the best.


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