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It is my ms not yours

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It is my Relapsing Remitting ms(RRms. How I handle it or not is my choice I can be told one thousand times what I should do, what I must do. I am scared this is too much for me, I can not do this. Far too much is asked of me I can not I just can not.

Or words to that effect. Likely we have all said this or heard this. I am pretty sure that I have said it once or twice in twenty years, especially when my friend Trigeminal Neuralgia comes stabbing my face with an ice pick.

Within all of us lies a strength, an ability to cope with this condition. At first "YOU" may not realise it. School never taught us how to be strong and cope with adversity. At least mine never did but just ask me where ancient Sumeria was, the Middle East. I can tell "YOU" that but how to be strong when faced with adversity, no not really.

"YOU" like me most likely do not at first have the skills to cope with this condition. That is okay. All the answers and a step by step guide may not be available to "YOU" immediately ( actually there is if You look back on this website, it was written by this crazy Australian bloke. These fears and question are normal. Search for your answers, make it a goal. Challenge all that "YOU" may see and hear, be a complete sticky beak (Snoop) Be a sceptic of everything that is told to "YOU", even by me. Well maybe not by me, I am an honest bloke but they do all say that don't they?

While "YOU" are at it let yourself start to be influenced by strength. Strong people who against the odds overcame adversity. Let that be your teacher. Ignore the rest, find a strength that "YOU" can emulate. This is a very long journey that we are travelling, There are many turns in the path, hills to climb, even slopes to fall down. This is Relapsing Remitting multiple sclerosis(RRms) it is a lifetime chronic as yet unbeatable condition, BUT my friend it is very doable. "YOU can live well with RRms, there are things that "YOU" can do, things that "YOU" can see. It is never ever any sort of end. Merely an unexpected sharp left turn in your life's path. Believe me when I say "YOU CAN DO RRms" very well.


Pondering my next adventure

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Another great post πŸ‘. So much of what you say hits home πŸ‘πŸ™ Ken 🐾

in reply to Kenu

because we are living it mate

I think this might be my favorite of your posts so far Royce. πŸ† My attitude towards β€œmy” RRMS is similar to yours and has been since my dx 20 years ago.

After my forced retirement a few years ago, I’ve even been able to improve my overall health quite a bit. That helps stabilize my MS as does my DMT of course. Today when I was at my local YMCA, I was getting help from one of the volunteers to try and figure out their new program. She and I just met today and she was shocked to learn I have had MS for 20 years as well as my actual age. That was fun!

yes, sometimes you can get a good laugh out of peoples shock.

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You Raingrrl have a wonderful 'can do' attitude! Keep Smiling :-D

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Thanks carolek572!

Royce thank you my friend for another good insightful observation. Yep this is (my MS I own it & after almost 25 years of living with it I know it.) lots better than any wet behind the ears tech!!

in reply to kycmary

o so very true


Keep moving RoyceNewton πŸ€—πŸ’•


in reply to Jesmcd2

never stop when U do who knows what will happen

Hey, Crazy Australian Bloke, this is coming from a Canuck (yes, look it up and it fits me to a tee, and no, I do not find it derogatory) ~ look forward to your next adventure, and do not let anyone tell you that you cannot! We only live once, and never has anyone said in their 'golden' years that they wish that they never did so and so. So, go, live, and adapt adapt adapt! :-D

umm Canuck I thought that is what you are., it is derogatory, oh well. Which NHL team do u support, I am a Coyotes man myself, but I will admit we kinda sorta suck, again.

I am a Canuck, but not a Vancouver Canuck's fan ~ never ever ever! I am a Boston Bruin's fan! However, when I was younger, and living in Quebec, my favorite team was the Quebec Nordiques. They have since moved, Quebec City NHL team no more ~ they are now the Washington Capitals. Yes, the Montreal Canadiens are in my blood as well. My FAVORITE hockey player ever is #29 from the Montreal Canadiens.

Today, since I have immigrated to the United States, the Boston Bruins have grown on me. My favorite Boston Bruin is #37 Patrice Bergeron.

Now, you're a Coyote fan? I assume that we are talking Phoenix, right? A very noble choice ~ even if they are not doing too well. If you enjoy watching them, well that is all that matters, right?

Yes, I love hockey, yes, I am a girl, no, I don't watch hockey because I think that they are cute, I just love the game! So, if you want to talk about hockey, PM me! Yes, I did play hockey when I was younger, albeit briefly, and yes, I still have all my teeth and my position was goaltender!

The definition of Canuck: a French Canadian!

Carole :-D

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