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Giving, but getting

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I wanted to take just a moment to share a wonderful experience I had two days ago. You all know that my dearest friend recently passed. Well, every year for Christmas, my then hubby and I would just bury her with gifts. She was on a very limited income, so we spoiled her. What fun, she was like a kid! Well, I was in Walmart 2 days ago and saw two women about her age driving side by side in those scooters they have. They looked pretty “income restricted” to put it nicely. Their clothes were clean, but very old. I thought of Jonnie and knew what to do. I pulled two twenty dollar bills from my wallet and approached the older one. I asked her very respectfully if I could give her $20 for Christmas, as well as her friend. She was shocked, but so happy. She called the other woman over, said it was her sister. I presented the money to her sister who started to cry. She said that now they could give each other something for Christmas. The older one, named Genevieve, said can we pray? So they each took one of my hands and they prayed for me to find comfort this season, and she said Lord, this kind woman may not know what this $20 means to us but You do, bless her good heart and soul. Well, I felt like I had been blessed by an angel right there in Walmart! They invited me to their community Christmas dinner, which I shall attend if I can find it. Just thought I would share this amazing experience. Sorry so long. Love, Kelly

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That was really nice of you to do

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Amore55 in reply to rjoneslaw

I don’t want it to be about me being nice, it was the joy these women got that was so precious. But thank you and Merry Christmas! Kelly

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rjoneslaw in reply to Amore55

I didn't think it was about you but the joy of the women getting an unexpected blessing

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Amore55 in reply to rjoneslaw

Thank you!

What a wonderful story. Bless you for being so thoughtful and caring. Hope you can find your way to their community dinner. Like they say, one door closes and one door opens, maybe you have found some new friends. What a great Christmas gift that would be for you all. Have a blessed holiday season.


God Bless your kind heart. ❤😊❤🌷

Let’s all break out the tissues for this one!!! I love this so much! I hope you find it 🎄🎁😍 TY so much for sharing too!

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Amore55 in reply to kdali

Merry Christmas! Love, Kelly xx

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kdali in reply to Amore55

Merry Christmas, Kelly! I love you too! 🤗

The spirit of Christmas, I love it. Christmas hug 😂 🎄 Blessings Jimeka

How awesome of you and both of them by saying a prayer for you! I teared up reading this! God is awesome and blesses us with unexpected things each day, if we can see them! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your blessing with others who need it! God bless you and may you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😇🙏🎅🎄

That’s just like God to set that up and just like you to be so kind and generous!

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I pm’ed you earlier. I hope you got it. Love, Kelly xx

That is so sweet 👍. So nice that you thought to do this for them😊. They were so great full they prayed for you and invited you to there function 😁. What a great Christmas gift 💝. Hope you make it to the get together 👍🙏 Big hugs to you 🥰 Ken 🐾

I think an angel whispered in you ear

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Amore55 in reply to AngieRowe

Angie, I think so too. I think it was my dearest friend in heaven telling me to share cheer. Thank you for understanding. Merry Christmas! Love, Kelly

Kelly what a thoughtful person you are! Merry Christmas! 🎄😀❤️

Well done! As they say," it is better to give than to receive." So glad that you see the opportunity.

Oh, what a special person you are! You have had such a hard year and still thought about others! There are definitely a pair of angel wings in heaven for you!

SueAB probably more like a pitchfork in hell! Lol. But thank you. Merry Christmas! Love, Kelly

Giving... the best gift you can ever give yourself.

A true gift. It really makes you think how lucky we are and puts things into perspective. It makes me so happy that they will be able to give each other a small gift for Christmas...I am sure that will be a thrill for them, as well. If only those with so much could understand what the most simple things mean to those who aren't arent as fortunate. Blessings to you all!

Amore55 When our hearts are open to our fellow humans, little gifts are shared. Your past year has been one of great pain and loss, yet you rose above it, and found the courage to start again in a community where you are a stranger. Because you could see outside yourself, empathize with others, you have another connection. I hope you are able to gather for Christmas dinner, so that two sisters can also experience the joy of an open heart. Merry Christmas dear Kelly

Thank you for sharing this. God blessed you and them!

This is the "Reason for the Season" God knows our heart, intentions and "good deeds" and He will bless you seven fold for them.

Thanks you for Sharing and your giving heart:)


That was super! I have found the easiest way to get over my own problems is to do something kind for someone else,even if your own kindness is not noticed,just makes you feel good!I have been putting candy canes where people would just find them cashiers, dr office ,waitresses etc,just look for someone who needs some cheer,that's everyone I think.

You truly know the true spirit of Christmas.

Kelly you are an Angel have a great Christmas 🎄


The true meaning of Christmas! Thanks for sharing 🙏😇😁

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