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Merry Christmas, but you look so good

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First of all a very Merry Christmas to all, with much thanks for all your wisdom. Tonight is my husband's family party. It's always funny for my husband and me, because we have a sister in law who says at every family function, "you look so good, are you cured?". This is said as I am using a walker or two canes! Just a good laugh! Anyway love and sugar plums to all. Kelly xxx

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Amore55 iTS always good when you can count on tradition.πŸ˜…So glad that you can make light of it! That's awesome!

Have a wonderful time!


I hope you all have a gr8 time!

I'm almost sure she means well, but it's patronizing isn't it ?

A few weeks ago someone posted a T-shirt you can get on Amazon Smile. It said:

I don't look sick?

You don't look stupid!

Looks can be deceiving....

Now I don't recommend you use that line at a family gathering, But you can think it and get a chuckle. I know that thinking that has saved me from getting angry a couple times!

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I love it! So funny. Thanks for the smile. Kelly xx

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