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Well I just saw something on Facebook the friend who was going to give me a ride to my appointment, she just put it out there that she was going to need help to get me into her SUV. I told my husband I thought you said she had help. I said that by the looks of things she has no one. Which made me nervous, he decided that he would find away to take the time off and take me.

Well know worries I don’t have to get into an SUV tomorrow YEAH!!!

I want to thank you all for giving your ideas on how to get in/out of an SUV.


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I’m so relieved for you!

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ssdw1958 in reply to greaterexp

I am too 😋

Happy to hear that it all worked out.

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ssdw1958 in reply to mrsmike

Yes I am very happy also 😀

Glad everything worked out for you.

Good to hear that it will work out for you. Practice the belt or cane method that I and another person suggested just to give you an option for the future. It may even give you some confidence and less worry if you should find yourself in a similar situation.

Sandra, so happy it wrk. Out for u, bee very careful & what a great hubby u have. Love ya!😍🐎Many Prayers for U! & Blessings--Jazzyinco

I am happy that my husband got the time off that makes me more relaxed 😎.

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Ssdw1958, I missed your post requesting information about getting into and out of tall Vehicles like an SUV. I have very limited Mobility but still have some strength in my legs and arms. However getting my leg up high enough to get into an SUV is like asking me to climb a mountain! My idea in case you ever need to fall back on it is to have or find and purchase several sturdy about 5 to 6 inch tall stools that are designed for patients with disability to use to step up on things. Look on your favorite website to find them in order several. My husband loves to take his truck and I can never get into it without the stool to help me step up to the running board then that helps me to step up into the cab. He always stands right behind me however in case Islip to catch me if I fall backwards. He is now taking to keeping his stool in his truck so when we're out and about I can still get into and out of his truck. We also have a stool in his small SUV to help me get in and out of it. I also keep a third stool in the garage so if friends come to pick me up and I can't access their vehicle like their SUV I can use the third stool to help me get into their vehicles as well. I'm blessed to have been able to find cheap stools at the dollar store and I have several that cost a mere $5 each. They are plastic but they are super sturdy and have a broad base which helps to make it safe for me to use them. You have to know what works best for you. I don't think finding a step up assistance device like a stool would be a bad thing for you to keep handy. I'm certain in the future you might run into times when your husband cannot take time off to be there for you and you will have to rely on others to help you. It's better to be safe than sorry so find a stool or step up device that works for you and keep them handy! Fancy.

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ssdw1958 in reply to Fancy1959

Hi Fancy1959 you may have read my husband took the day off so he could take me which was a good thing.

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