I saw an old friend yesterday and she heard that l had MS, but didn't know what it was. So l tried to explain, and l got that glass look on her face. So l put it like this to her. I said, picture your nerves like wires coated in plastic, well my body is stripping that plastic away and leaving the wire bare, to short circuit. I think she got it then lol


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11 Replies

  • I think this is an excellent way of explaining this disease. I think though some people just don't understand. Nice that you got to see your friend.😊

  • Yes it was Judi4 , the joys of living in a small town tho, everyone knows your business lolol

  • That was the best description I heard at an MS conference years ago. Like you, that's how I explain MS to others. I'm happy you saw and visited with an old friend. Now she better understands you, your struggles, and MS. I wouldn't be surprised if she uses your analogy to educate others. MS education is always a good thing! 💕

  • I hope so @tutu I had never heard it explained like that before, but it makes sense. It was a light bulb moment. :D I don't have those often hahaha

  • I love that explanation! I'm going to use it!

  • Be my guest jennie62 lm not even sure what made me think of it. But seemed to work for her :)

  • That's the one I use. Especially with children . .. it's like going to plug the light in with damage to the coating of the cord. The light flickers, or you get a small shock...

  • You could also do the string of lights ... when one goes out the rest of the lights don't light . That could explain the degree of damage to the central nervous system . I hate to admit it, but coming up with analogies is fun.

    Has anyone heard the one about spoons in the cupboard ? I have trouble with that one

  • No what is that one Good_enough ?

  • Jesmcd2, it's MSFighter responding back to your post. If I have to explain MS I use an analogy very similar to yours. I tell them that I own bodies immune system has marked something foreign in my nervous sy%ď stem and it starts to attack it. Picture the nervous system as a piece of wire that's insulated, like an extension cord. The immune system starts attacking the central nervous system and in the processm leaves holes in the insulatoundion that wraps around the extension cord wire. Every time there is a hole tbe wire short-circuit . At this point most of them are so bored with the science or busy they start saying things like I understand or I see when I really know they pretty much have absolutely no clue. Then we both go our separate ways as I turn my cart around, the smile slips from my face and head into the challenges MS burdens us with.

  • Lol MSFighter l hear you, they get that "glass" look. I know the look, I have given it myself. I had no clue what MS was before I was dx'ed. It's not widely known or promoted? It's almost like we are on a back burner or something. Idk