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Seeking revenge

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OK, folks. I need your help again. You did a great job with the birthday booze, but this is a little more serious.

For 55 long years I ate my mother's wonderful pumpkin pie, made from her grandmother's recipe. A few years back, she passed the torch to me with a copy. My pies have never turned out right. Oh, sure; they were edible, and most people really liked them. But they weren't Mum's pie. I finally cornered her today and asked why mine are different. Well. That evil, wicked woman finally explained to me that she'd tweaked Grandma's recipe BEFORE I WAS BORN and has always reduced the sugar while doubling the spices!

I have sworn my revenge on the grave of her long-dead dieffenbachia. Please help me plot. Do I just make no-bake pudding pies from now on? Do I wrap each of her Christmas socks separately and seal the paper with layers of duct tape? Should I replace all of the chocolate in her stocking with coal?

I am open to any and all suggestions, but I do know that I'm going to be playing "Jingle Bell Rock" and "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" on repeat for all of Christmas Day, because she hates them both.

27 Replies
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Option A - If she tweaked the recipe, it must be because she didn't like it Grandma's way and preferred it her way, so I suggest making it Grandma's way just for her, for ever, and sneakily make it the tweaked way for yourself. If she complains, look innocent and say you made it exactly to the recipe she gave you.

Option B - be nice and forgive her, it may have been a genuine mistake.

Option C- tell everyone and laugh at her behind her back - oh. you just did, problem solved.

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NorasMom in reply to Kit10

To be fair to her (which I'm not ready to do yet, obviously), I asked her for Grandma's recipe. I never specified "Grandma's recipe the way you've made it all these years". I like Option A.

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🤣🤣🤣 I'm not sure why it's a thing, but I've always read in the comments of pie recipes to double the spices. How could she not tell you that?! 🤷‍♀️😱 Did she eat it?

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NorasMom in reply to kdali

We're not eating until tomorrow. I learned all of this an hour after the pies finished baking this afternoon. I will get even with her if it takes me years. I'll strike when she least expects it. 😜

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kdali in reply to NorasMom

🤣🤣🤣 🤦‍♀️ I'd be so mad! I'm laughing so hard at your mom, but I'm also sorry! Would have been a handy piece of information before you did all that work 😱

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😂 Yes, duct tape, lots and lots of duct tape on her presents. And make grandmas the way grandma made them.

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I should also add that my family, sadly, has a dish called "Strawberry Surprise". Many years ago, back in the days when out-of-season fruits weren't affordable to the working class, one female announced at a large winter dinner that she'd brought Strawberry Surprise for dessert. Cue the excitement. It's all anyone talked about. The meal was eaten, the dishes were cleared...and she handed out banana nut muffins. As we looked at each other in shock, some brave soul spoke up and asked "But where are the strawberries"? "Well, that's the surprise. There aren't any"! Since then, it's become the running joke to use that name as a description for any recipe where we change the major ingredients but keep the name. I should have known not to trust my kin to give me an accurate recipe.

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falalalala in reply to NorasMom


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Plotting revenge is always fun.

But, getting even is more fin!


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Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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Sandydemop in reply to goatgal


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put x-lax in her pie. Merry x-mas ma!

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NorasMom in reply to kwhompus

Now, that's a little more mean than I'd like to be. Besides, it wouldn't go well with her prunes.

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Kit10 in reply to kwhompus

Tempting but not a good idea if she's spending the day with you!

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Just buy it at Costco and change the wrapper 🤪🤣😂

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I say start playing Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas, as soon as she walks in... Mid volume, and its stuck there! 🙃🤣😂🤗💕🌠

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option: give everybody ice cream on top (or whipped cream) except hers. and maybe attach her fork with...wait for it...duct tape.

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I frosted an empty box of Stove Top Stuffing to bring to one of my sister's parties.

Sometimes ya just don't feel like baking a cake or anything else for that matter.

It was interesting to watch someone cut it.

Bring a dish, my @ss.😂

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I would make two one the RIGHT way and one mom’s way, mom can’t have the RIGHT way.

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kdali in reply to NanaCC

🤣🤣🤣 cold! I love it 🤣

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yes they all want to make it better for us way stop it ...right grandma made the best potato salad was mashed potatoes but it really was good ...just loved it and no one knows how to make it...i really loved it and so did the kids...why do they do this ,to me it is terrible to change the recipes or act like they don't know it ...thank you for bringing this up for it does bug me terribly.....

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I would wrap each and every present to her from this day forward, in duct tape,  NorasMom ! Who knows, you might just need one gift for her, and when she cannot unwrap it, save it for the next time that you need to give her a gift! 😂

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NorasMom in reply to carolek572

I think this is the best so far! She's always telling us that we need to stop buying gifts for everybody, just one present apiece. This would work well.

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carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to NorasMom

It appears that duct tape comes in a variety of colors, NorasMom , so you can make the gift wrap look different each and every time. Just apply another layer of duct tape to the same ‘unwrapped’ gift! 😉

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NorasMom in reply to carolek572

My daughter actually collects colored/printed duct tape. [Evil laugh]

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We have a male family member that would start telling us what he wanted for Christmas in August. I like a nice heads up on things, but August? Finally one year he asked for a bench mounted grinder, basically a motor with a grinder wheel on each end. Well, we all pitched in enough to get the grinder, and just a little something more. We wrapped the wrapped box in a sealed plastic bag and then put it in a bigger box. In the bigger box we filled the rest of it with wet concrete! Well he finally got it out on New Years day. After that he never asked for one darn thing in August or any other month! Yes, he still did get presents! Does that make me evil somehow, or was I too subtle?

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NorasMom I'd make her her own special little pumpkin pie. And I'd get very creative with it if you know what I mean. Then I tell her I only followed her to be and I'd see how she liked it. One suggestion would me to triple the spices instead of doubling them and watch or try to act like it tasted good when it was so spicy she couldn't hardly stand it . But I'd make sure everyone at the table knew it was her special recipe that you made the pie just for her. You could do other things with the Pie as well but this is the nicer PG version of that if you know what I mean! LOL! Fancy59.

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