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ALA and drug interactions

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Just an FYI, ALA (lipoic acid) may interfere with diabetes by lowering blood sugar (if you are diabetic and on meds, monitor your blood sugars and watch for low sugar (hypoglycemia).

ALA can also affect the thyroid and make thyroid supplements less effective. I take a thyroid supplement for hypothyroid (levothyroxine) and will be taking my new ALA at least 4 h after my thyroid meds. And I will likely have my TSH rechecked in 3-6mos to assure stable.

If anyone knows of other interactions, please share 😊

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Thanks for this important information.

erash I have reached out to my medical team so that they can advise me on if it is okay for me. Thank you for this post and I will let you know what I find out. :-D

Thanks erash!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒΈπŸ’Love Ya!--JazzyπŸŒΉπŸ’œ


I started levothyroxine after being on ALA, but never read about that interaction. Thank you for posting this!

nice reminder

Thanks for sharing πŸ‘πŸ™. Ken 🐾

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