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Hello everyone! I have MS along with heart disease, brain tumor, degenerative disc disease, COPD plus a few more things.

I am currently waiting to go on the new medication Ocruvis. I did all my blood work to find out my thyroid is wako!

Started meds for the thyroid and hopeful to start meds in 3 weeks.

I have taken multiple medications that have helped for a while then stop.

I am in SPMS gradually sliding towards PPMS. So we are going to be aggressive to stop further progression.

I have a wonderful Dr that I have been with since 2003. Find a great Dr that specializes in MS. Don't give up. Fight!!

I have MS but MS will not gave me!!

(I Live near Shreveport Louisiana)

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  • I don't know if you have hypo or hyperthyroidism. I have hypothyroidism. Once they find the right dosage for you, that will be probably your easiest issue. But, oh my, you're facing a lot. I wish you the best. I always wonder how people with multiple issues know what symptoms to blame which disease with.

  • We just have to eliminate. I start with my family Dr. Some symptoms are obvious some are not.

  • @SimHarris I forgot.... Welcome!

  • Welcome.

  • Everyone has been so nice! Thank you!

  • SlmHarris welcome. You sure are being tested, what a great witness of strength and courage you are to us all. I hope and pray the new medication works well for you. Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🙏

  • Thank you so much! Prayers to our good Lord for strength and guidance gets me thru!

    Best if luck to you!

  • Hi SlmHarris Welcome to the roller coaster ride.😐 Although sounds like you have been on plenty of them!😨

    We have a few that are taking Ocrevus😊 and sharing there experiences with all of us!

    I hope you find this room friendly, informative, nuts, but most of all ALWAYS Supportive💕 We are all in this together after all.😊

    Jes 🌠

  • SlmHarris,

    I can hardly take in all the difficulties you deal with! I'm sorry you have such a load, but you're obviously an incredible person. God bless you for your faith and great attitude. Many prayers for successful treatment.


  • Welcome @SimHarris. My, you have a number of serious health issues, but remain so upbeat. I applaud you for your positive attitude. I will pray your thyroid gets regulated quickly and that the Ocrevus works for you. Thank you for the introduction. We're happy to meet you.💕

  • Keep fighting.

  • Welcome SlmHarris. You have a great attitude.

  • Thank you! There are some days I find myself feeling sorry for me. I just pray pray pray!

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