Alpha linoleum acid (ALA) for neuropathy?

GasLight i think you were a chemist...or anyone know if there's good evidence to support using 600-1200mg of ALA to treat neuropathy?

I've read the studies demonstrating IV ALA helping with diabetic peripheral neuropathy as well as mouse studies and fMRIs suggesting cognitive benefit.

Has anyone researched this more or had experience trying ALA?

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  • Sure would be great if this would help with your neuralgia.

  • Iona60 I'm thinking more of my peripheral neuropathy (feet, legs burn) but def. would take any remedy for the TN!

  • erash, GasLight is most certainly a fan of chemistry, and all things scientific.

    Thankfully, however, the world has much brighter and more competent minds to rely upon as professional chemists.

    You've now used one free guess in the MSAA "What's My Line" game show, by the way. . .

    Don't know much about ALA, either.

    We did, however, have linoleum flooring in the kitchen when I was a kid. 😜

    -- Christopher

  • Ugh spell check πŸ™

    Should say alpha linoleic not linoleum acid

    Thanks! For pointing this out GasLight

    ...someone was a chemist though and weighed in on turmeric a little bit ago?

  • Ugh again and can't blame auto correct this time ALA = alpha LIPOIC acid

  • erash Since reading a research report in an MS journal, I have taken Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg for its antioxidant properties (this is not the high dose described in the article.) But, since taking it regularly for 3 months now, the neuropathy in my feet has changed. It started, years ago, as an interior numbness which began at the big toe and gradually spread across towards the little toe. Now, I notice the neuropathy in my feet receding, especially on my right foot. I have no idea whether this is due to the Alpha LIpoic Acid, but since it is positive, I intend to continue this relatively low dose as otherwise I take no DMTs.

  • Thanks! goatgal

    Sounds promising.

    I will stick with it then 😊

  • erash You've just gotta love automatic spell check features. Mine always wants to alter my last name to sassafras...from now on, I am calling my Alpha Lipoic Acid my Alpha Linoleum Acid. It sounds so much better! Plus, maybe it will have the benefit of keeping me off the linoleum. You think?

  • goatgal -- I mean Miss Sassafras πŸ˜…

    Stay off the linoleum 😊

  • Erash, it's Fancy1959. My mom had neuropathy for years. i started to develop neuropathy about 10 to 12 years ago. The drug I have used successfully for many many years to control it is the generic form of Mirapex. I have had no trouble with it and little or no side effects with it. I learned early on to take it in the evening before bed because it can have the side effects making you very sleepy. If I forget to take it my legs have the creepy, crawly feelings in them and twitch and spasm uncontrollably. I just thought I would share this success story with you about how I control my neuropathy. I hope you find this information helpful! Thanks for being you! You are appreciated!

  • Thanks! Fancy1959 Mirapex is helpful for RLS

    Have u found that it works less well over time? There is an augmentation phenomenon where RLS will worsen over time due to brain craving increasing amts of dopamine when given dopamine stimulating meds. Doesn't happen to everyone.

    I have RLS but I also have neuropathy. Feet and legs burn as if frost bitten both day and evening. Ski socks, leg warmers, and stick on your socks heat patches help. Hard to wear all that with shoes πŸ™

    Sometimes noticeable decreased feeling in feet --like last Tuesday when I couldn't feel the brake pedal very well 😬

  • That's not good thing erash So glad you made it home safe!! Please be careful!πŸ˜•β˜ΊπŸŒ 

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 200mg; Acetyl L-carnitine 1000 mg


    Subject of intense study in preventing free radical damage to the neurological system.

    Able to pass readily into the brain and reach all parts of a nerve cell.

    Further evidence showed that lipoic acid supplementation produced improvements in animals suffering from an experimentally induced form of MS.

    Acetyl L-carnitine

    Attention has been focused on physiological and pharmacological effects of L-acetylcarnitine in neurological disorders.

    Can be considered as a therapeutic agent in neuropathic disorders including painful peripheral neuropathies

  • The post from me above is from a all natural product I am taking from Plexus. It is called Nerve. I've been taking it for about a year now. I does wonders for you. I am a 51 year old male college student at an accredited university in Maryland. I need all the extra brain power that I can get to keep up with those young kids.

  • Thanks! Jesse_Price

    It made me nauseated

    But I may try it again at a lower dose

  • Hi Jesse_Price welcome to our wonderful MSAA Community ☺! Thank you for the information, I never knew😊

    I hope you find us friendly, informative and helpful. But most of all Supportive!

    How long have you had MS? And what are you studying? Inquiring minds want to know πŸ˜πŸ˜…

    J 🌠

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