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Perhaps not strong in the sense that “YOU” will take on a musclebound man and win. Strong in the sense that “YOU” can get through a night of pain. Strong that “YOU” can get through accidentally soiling yourself in public. “YOU” should be wearing your protective underwear. Strong that “YOU” can shrug off desertion by friends and loved ones.

Relapsing-Remitting ms (RRms)asks, no, demands a lot of “YOU” Strong enough that “YOU” can answer back with a load, “I CAN DO THIS, I WILL DO THIS”. Make yourself into a bastion of strength. A safe haven from this illness. Be aware of what is around “YOU”. A silly commercial on television trying to sell “YOU” something that “YOU” do not want or need. Maybe they say something that “YOU” might adapt to yourself and use. An acquittance says “YOU” are looking good for somebody with ms, sick. Smile to yourself and say yes I am aren’t I. Do not look for a negative, look for a positive, any positive, no matter how tiny.

Do “YOU” want a negative. Here is one. “YOU” have ms it is chronic and progressive and INCURABLE. That is enough negativity for the next 50 years. Now go out there and find something positive and dwell on that. Let it seep into “YOU”. Right down to the bones, no further than that into your cells. “YOU” are good, might I say great. “YOU” can manage this disease and all that it throws at “YOU”. It may take a little time, all good things do, but this one is yours to tame. Never conquer but without a doubt yours to manage. They will not tell “YOU” that, but “YOU can mange this illness. It need not break “YOU”. “YOU” can put yourself back, together better than “YOU” ever thought “YOU” could be.

Royce (the ms writer)

others have coped with this, and so can you. So get out there and start doing it.

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Mind over matter, Royce. I am always amazed at what one can accomplish if they put their mind to it :-D

exactly the world is your oyster if you make the effort to reach for it

It is a really optimist and realist point of view . I think that are words with much strong feelings.

It is a nice text, nice words, nice advises that calm the stress.

Thanks !

I am glad that it helps a little

yes this is so true we can and we will ....

truly no reason not to

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