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cool pants


I know many of us battle the heat so I went on a mission to find cool pants.I knew they made shirts for athletes and out doors people so I knew they had to make pants.I started with the brand kool max and found several on amazon.the ones I like are a scrub pant with a yoga waist band and pockets. they are med coutures I got them from med couture website, they are oxygen pants, not just air.regular fabric look nice.the outside gets hot but skin stays cool Jc penney also carry a cool jean made by Levi style # starts with 7 I haven't got any yet, kool pants are made for men too, look on amazon great days ahead!pam

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Thank you pamgarner

Great info! Thanks for doing the research. Kelly

I didn’t know that, great idea. Thanks for sharing. Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🍫

Awesome! I wear capri yoga pants in summer but those sound way better. Thank u!

Thanks for posting these great ideas!

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