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Keeping Cool in Summer Heat!

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As we've had a stretch of almost two weeks of temperatures over 100-105 degrees. Yesterday and today, we are receiving temps under 100 because the sun's hot rays are diffused by smoke in the air by so many fires burning in California at this time(SAD.) So back to the point of this post, we here are blessed by MSAA. They offer a Cooling Products Distribution program that is free to reduced pricing for our members at: Thank you so much for my cooling vest MSAA!

So how do you keep cool? Here are a few of my little tricks I've learned along the way. I've always been heat sensitive because of Arthritis meds anyway. We live in an older home and have ceiling fans in the living room and all 3 bedrooms. I have smaller fans in the kitchen and living room to circulate the cooler air around the house. I guess that would be my cooling hint #1, but I'll just call it a suggestion.

1. A spray bottle of water. When walking or in the car, I frequently spray around my neck and upper back. I don't care at this point what others think.

2. I try to wear 100% cotton clothing, loose fitting for air flow.

3. Of course, in our 100 degree temps, I stay inside except for early mornings and early evenings when I putter around in my 4'X4' Victory Garden. My spray bottle is my constant companion. I keep 1 on my nightstand, 1 in the bathroom, 1 near the backdoor for when I go shopping or to the back yard.

4. Giving credit greaterexp for this one:

She published a suggestion about these cooling neck wraps just this week. I actually have one put away with my cycling gear and must dig it out. Her post also includes this link: littlebirdiesecrets.blogspo... So those that sew may want to consider making a few. I know I'm going to find my cotton material and buy some of those crystals and get busy making a few.

5. Go to the gym pool, a friend's pool or a cool river or lake to wade in..

OK Fellow MS'ers, what to you do to cool off in this hot summer? Kudos to those of you that have pools! Just waiting for and MS Pool Party Invite! Lynn

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I do have a cooling vest, neck wrap and the main thing AC 👍. I do everything early and afternoon and evening in ac house. We too have been having extreme heat and smoke 💨. Also have fans in all the rooms and garage. 👍🙏🐾😉. Ken

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Such a great post! And thank you for the kind words about MSAA, CalfeeChick , as well as sharing some great tips of your own and from greaterexp .

Stay cool, everyone,

- John, MSAA

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CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to johnMSAA

Thank you johnMSAA , Hope that it helps others. @CalfeeChick aka Lynn

I love the spray bottle idea! Thanks! Do you put anything other than H2O in it? I wonder if there's either an essential oil that would add additional benefit or another additive that would increase the cooling effect?

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CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to erash

I always start out with just room temp water. I would think lavender oil or fragrance might be nice but oils wouldn’t be good if if got onto your clothing. Good idea 💡 Lynn

Cooling towels are great! I sometimes cool with vest or cooling towel pre and post if not during activity. I've also been avoiding drinking a cup of coffee before a walk and have increased my water intake (lots of potty trips tho)

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CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to erash

My doc says 6-8 12oz if water a Day is great. I make sugarless kool-aid and dilute it by at least 4-5 times and wind up with just flavored 💦 water. I can drink more fluids that way. Wish I could walk more like you. My balance gets so icky by early afternoon. I need a buddy to walk with. Will have to look in to that & of course cooler weather! It’s been too hot to walk much. 🤗😅😅Lyn

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erash in reply to CalfeeChick

My walking has been a challenge tho Year

My walking buddy is my impromptu cane too

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