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Keeping cool with MS

Hi all, I live in a hot climate and am always looking for ways to keep cool. Recently, I bought a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe that has cooling seats and they are a real blessing! Also, I bought two polo shirts and a cooling towel from Arctic Cool (https://arcticcool.com/shop/arctic-cool-instant-cooling-towel/) and they really do help me keep cool outside! Blessings everyone!

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gerloffmk, there are some wonderful new ideas to stay cool now. Thanks for sharing your ideas!


gerloffmk thank you for sharing, at the moment we have rain, and more rain here in the uk, 52 ml fell last night, that's just over 2 inches. Going into town today, everyone was wearing fleeces and umbrellas 🌂. Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 ☔️


Thanks! gerloffmk

I'm looking into those polo shirts!

I live in Florida ☀️☀️☀️

I have cooling towels and polar cooling vest 👍

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Cooling seats and cooling shirts... interesting.


I Live in Louisiana humidity is as high as the temp.

MSAA has a cooling item form where you can order cooling items. They have 3 different packages to choose from. I received mine with pleasure. My grandkids play baseball and sitting out there watching was torched.

I received my cooling packages froze my packets ahhhhh heaven. I am so proud to have them.

Here just doing simple things makes you sweat. I use mine indoors and out.

Check there cooling program out!


Glad you are pleased with the cooling items you received from MSAA and that they're helping you enjoy your grandkids' activities, SlmHarris !

As mentioned, gerloffmk , you can learn all about our Cooling Program on our website here:


- John, MSAA


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