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Brand New Day


Hello everyone, been with the ms association since the begining..Diagnosed in 1988 and I have to say things have not changed much since that time. Twenty different meds out there for Ms for one money..and profit...profit. ..profit...My first Neroligest told me...that there would be a cure in 3 yrs...When it all comes down..big farm academic kills people day after day week after week month after month and year after year.?

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Well hello there Rascil m really sorry your neuro told you that. That had to be mind blowing to find out otherwise. 🙁🤗

How ya doing now? Are you on a DMT?



A very warm welcome to U,Rascil, to our very awesome, supportive & encouraging Family of MSer warriorz!! I absolutley agree w/your neurologist WOW! 1 that gets it!!😁👍👍 I'd rather be taking my suppliments for M.S. &My M.S. all natural Diet!😁😍Than be a human pin cushion & guinea pig for them Harmaseuticals & the American MURDER Assiciation!!LOL!😁😁Well, welcome to the best most awesome supportive & encouraging & friendly Family Forum on the Web!!👍😍😁😘 Many Prayers🙏 Much Love💗 & Blessings---Jazmine 💜🌹Rose


Good afternoon Rascil, it's Fancy1959. Even though you've been with the MSAA from the beginning, I want to officially welcome you to the MSAA chat room. This chat room is absolutely amazing and you have now become part of our extended family. We promise to provide you with a safe place to come and ask questions, voice concerns, or simply speak to others who truly understand what you're going through while dealing with your MS. I am certain we can learn much from each other so please Jump Right In and create post and respond to post. The more you interact with us quicker we will get to know you and you will get to know us. Until we speak again please take care and remember that together we are stronger! Fancy.



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