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Cooling Vests and the Line between Stubbornness and Foolishness

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I am a firm believer in fighting this disease with everything that I have... but there comes a point when my stubborn streak becomes a foolish streak. Case in point - It's hot outside! I have fought getting a cooling vest for several years. I guess a part of me feels like the disease is winning, so I see it as a defeat. I finally caved and ordered one and it has been a wonderful thing! I have been able to do some things that I haven’t done in a long time due to the heat. I guess the bottom line is be stubborn and fight – but don’t be so stubborn (like me) and not use devices that could make your life easier. It doesn’t make you weaker – It makes you stronger! Thanks everyone! Michele

11 Replies
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You are a winner just by giving in, you have still come out on top. Enjoy, blessings Jimeka 🦋

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Good for you 👍😉🙏🐾Ken

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Beautifully stated!

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I love my cooling vest but can understand what you r saying. Monday the doc asked me if I wanted a handicap parking sticker. I refused. It feels like just one more inch giving in to the disease 👊

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Texandyroe in reply to erash

erash , I fought getting the handicapped hang tag for a long time, until my neurologist looked me in the eye and asked me if I was too tired to shop once I walked into the store from out in the parking lot. When I admitted that I was, she advised me that I needed the tag. I will admit, it has come in handy, especially when I arrive some place that has NO parking places available, other than the handicapped ones.

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suznj325 in reply to Texandyroe

My case, exactly! I hated the whole 'handicapped' notion! (such foolish pride, sometimes!) I gave in & got the placard. We just call it 'the blue tag'. I still park 'wherever' when I'm having a good day...but very grateful to have the blue tag on days my body feels 'off kelter'!

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kris1973 in reply to suznj325

erash Texandyroe suznj325 I received my 1st handicap pass...on my 40th birthday! In one day I became OLD & OFFICIALLY DISABLED.😱🤣 (for real)

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Bearpoop in reply to suznj325

I was the same! We call it “The Preferred Parking Tag” in my family. It has made all the difference in what I can get done in a day :).

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Your statement is very true. I need to get mine out, you have inspired me. erash I have a handicap sticker and plate and it's the best thing. I cannot stand up for long so it helps me a lot and saves a lot of energy.

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I love all my cooling gear!

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I'm so happy you made the right decision for yourself. Sometimes

it's hard to admit to ourselves that we need help. But you did it!


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