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MSAA Cooling Vests


Somebody in response to a question posted a link for the application to the MSAA for the cooling vests. I did that Saturday and it arrived today. That is so awesome and incredibly fast. If you don't want to try and get a note/prescription from your doctor, it also lets you take a picture of your MS medication. I did it online and except for my uncooperative phone, it was quick and easy. Here's a link to the program

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That looks awesome. I wish that they did it in the uk.

melack01 in reply to jimeka

I haven't worn the vest yet. I will next time we ride bikes or I mow the lawn. Tonight I felt real warm in the kitchen trying to make dinner. I put the scarf on and immediately felt better. Probably one of the easiest times I've had preparing dinner in a while.

jimeka in reply to melack01

Pleased that the scarf is working for you. Has your husband now got a trike like yours?

I want a cooling vest? Can you send me a link to apply and everything I need to do, please?

Thank youu,


The link is at the bottom of my post. They only ask a couple of basic questions. How many in household, amount of income, when you were diagnosed. Then you can either send a doctors note or prescription confirming you have MS or a picture of your medication. They also have a mail in application you can download or do the one online.

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to Lgraham78108

I like the blue! What brand vest is it and do u like it?

melack01 in reply to erash

It's Polar brand and I do like it. Haven't worn it with the ice packs yet. I can put up to 9 packs in but given the weight I'm going to start with less.

erash in reply to melack01

That's what I have now and like better than coolture but fla, nothing perfect 🙃

I wore mine to an air show couple years ago and it was 101 degrees 😎. I had the necktie also and it worked great 👍. My buddy also bought chairs with umbrellas ☂ attached, what a difference. We wondered around and looked at ✈️ and displays and show for five hours 👍🙏🐾😎 Ken

As I said before, I can’t have one so I can sweat to death.

Enjoy and I hope it helps you.


That's so Great melack01 😊 and fast! Wow! 😊🤗💕


So happy for you melack01 That is awesome you got approved so quick!!

I received the same vest and color about a month ago, very high quality

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