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Just waiting on top of the hill​


.Good Morning, are you enjoying the view, on top of the hill?

It was interesting getting here, wasn't it. MRI, Evoked Potential tests, other yucky tests that I will not mention. Walking in a straight line. I always fail this no matter how I try. I gave up caring long ago if the point is to get to the end, I really do not mind how I get there. Just as long as I get there.

Anyway back to the view. I see that the sun is shining on YOU a little. You must have started taking your Disease Modifying Therapy, good one. That is really really important, and I bet YOU are wearing your protective underwear as well. Now when YOU pee in your pants its no biggie. Only YOU know. This must be how newborns feel. Carefree and protected.

Okay, have look to your left. That is the path YOU decided not to take. That path just heads slowly downhill, that is the ignore everything path, I guess YOU could call it denial, we do not want to be there, we want to stand tall as long as we can, don't we? I lost a few friends down that path long ago.

Now look to your front, do YOU see how the hill just falls away and there are people down there. They are the Secondary and Primary progressive people. As YOU can tell they are on a different path to us, I can not help YOU down there, as it is a place I have never been, though maybe some of what I tell YOU helps them, I just do not know.

Now YOU see off to our right. That IS our path. It is not paved in gold, but it at least is mostly paved, smooth and wide. See we can hold hands and walk along together. There are some dark spots and it does go slowly downhill, but we can at least move down slowly and do YOU see there are some flat patches. I wonder what that means for YOU. YOU must have made some CHOICES to make your journey better. Maybe a scooter to give YOU more energy in the mall, Maybe a cooling vest. Do YOU notice all the trees with tools hanging from them? Those are there to make life easier when you reach an obstacle along the road. I think YOU just grab them as need be. Some have chairs so YOU can rest while YOU wait for YOUR tool to be delivered. I bet that is the government aid and the like, I hear that they always take their time.

Well, the road is wide and paved so we can travel along on scooters if we need to, and it looks like it is okay for canes, so no need to be afraid of that. There are some cooking stations so we can learn to eat better, and look a gym. I bet I can beat YOU on situps. They have beds to do them on so that we do not have to get on the fl[oor. There really is all sorts of stuff available on our journey. All we have to do is stop, think and take action to get what we need. This journey does not have to be impossible just have to THINK a little more, because I know we CAN. YOU do see those people in front of us, don't YOU. THEY DID IT, so let's DO it as well.

Take the first step, Left. then right and left again, see we are moving. Keep it up YOU CAN DO this.


Do not be afraid, YOU are not alone.

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i am walking the path with you. You are right it is wide and there are many places to stop and get help. I made my choice to walk this path, I have to much to give to take any other path. Denial just doesn't work.

Good work.

agreed 100%

Your posts always make me feel better and a little less scared. Thank you

I am glad they help you some


Thanks Royce, haven’t reached the top yet, but can see it from here. At 70, my chances of getting on a DMT are slim. Just went Numb 2 yrs ago and I wasn’t done living, making great memories. Life sure does take right turns fast!!

I would d0 tecfidera if yu can, no needles

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No problem, appreciate the suggestion. I am JCV+, so Tecfidera and Tysabri are not on my list. After all this, I don't need to develop PML🤯😩

Okay in English that says, try Tecfidera, tablets, no needles.

Excellent! Denial was an important phase of grief for me to experience, though I lingered there longer than I should have. Sometimes people accept their diagnosis but are in denial that anything can or needs to be done about it. I always think there’s some choice you can make, but for most of us, several choices. Thank you!

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certainly is all about choices, & I think you made a very good move, to start moving along the path.

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