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Inspiration loneliness & just getting out of bed, everyday.


Good Saturday morning, how are we all today? Generally speaking that is. I was meant to talk about inspiration today but a young lady said she was lonely so I guess we talk about that as well.

I think it may be very common with us, even when somebody is in the room, that brief moment when our dark companion knocks just to remind us that they are there, how do you tell somebody, family, a lover, or a stranger, what you feel, describe your pain, admit to your fear. Tell them that your monster is at the door. You are lonely, this is a cross you and only you carry.

Spouses lovers friends often abandon people like us, we scare people. Not because we are disabled, but more likely because this or worse could happen to them. I feel that it is beneficial to join groups like this or even real life face to face groups. Meet other people with similar stories to tell, tell them your story, let them know your hopes and fears. You are disabled but you do still have hopes don't you. Along with the fears of which you do not want to put into words.

Find somewhere and share, it really is good medicine. While you are sharing watch with both eyes open, receive those many bits of inspiration that surrounds us everyday. From the Starbucks quote when u get your morning coffee. To the chirp of a bird. There is beauty that can take us away for a moment, remember those moments always. They are why you are here, see the beauty and the opportunity everyday. Say hello to a stranger, be kind to the checkout lady, always be kind it makes things a little easier and it gives you something nice to remember in darker moments. Fill your bank account full of good strong happy memories that you can draw on days are dark and our companion is knocking.

Those memories are you and you are special and can do this. So do it, bend but do not break. Do it Well you are stronger than you think.


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Another good encouraging post, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🍫 🌈

RoyceNewton in reply to jimeka


Good idea anytime anywhere.



Yes, text me anytime. I will try my best, with God leading my way; giving me wisdom and strength, to be here to listen and respond. To be there as many who have been there for me and my family. Have a beautiful Father’s Day. My Father in Heaven watches over me each day and brings so many wonderful people to make the journey easier to bear each day. Blessings to you.

RoyceNewton in reply to TonyiaR7

keep on keeping on

Thank you Royce. Not sure I'm stronger than I think. I always try to be nice to all I meet and it's helpful. Don't feel like I'm making sense here. Think I'll go lay down and kick my legs to get the devil out of them. MC

no problem, bet u are though

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