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A pleasent​ stroll up the hill.


Good afternoon, how are we all today? Very well, I hope.

This IS a journey. Your journey, nobody else's. I can and will tell you often what You should do to help YOURSELF. The things that I have found over nearly 20 years with Replacing Remitting ms have helped me. I would like to pass on my experiences to YOU. I would like the best for YOU and perhaps if it is YOUR wish a much easier journey for YOU.

If YOU feel that, that is not what YOU want. I will not be put out by you ignoring what I say.

As always along this ms journey, it is YOUR CHOICE. First lesson, it is ALWAYS your CHOICE. Choose well and choose what YOU CAN DO and WILL DO, remember I have had a lot of time to bang my bones against solid immovable objects. Annoyingly the ground really does not move when YOU fall on it. I will say from experience that YOU will, yes YOU will move, not the ground. Good lesson here, LEARN how to fall without breaking yourself. When YOU have done that, LEARN how to get back on your feet. It is very handy when strangers help you anywhere, but of course do not depend on it

YOU knowing how others need to help YOU is always to YOUR benefit. Even just saying "I am okay, may I just have you to brace on I can get up, it really is okay"

It really is pretty simple. Be like bamboo, BEND in all circumstances. Do NOT expect that your brilliant plan is actually going to work. We all have a VERY INCONSIDERATE something in us. It does not care about us, or our plans. It wants to do its thing.

It is up to YOU to develop ways that YOU can circumvent it as much as you can. YOU will need help, it is okay to ask for it and take it. YOU are not less of a HUMAN BEING by doing this. YOU are merely a smart one, that accepts any limitations that YOU may have at that moment.

This applies to all things, what upset YOU 5 minutes ago may not be a big deal now. YOU are on your going to become way more flexible than YOU ever imagined YOU could be. Soil your pants, just take them off and walk to the car in your underwear with your head held HIGH. YOU own this situation. OWN it DO it and what anybody thinks is their problem, not yours.

Hold your head HIGH, be as prepared as YOU can be, but have confidence in yourself, even when YOU do not. No need to let anybody know how scared YOU really are. TRUST me I have got myself into situations where I am VERY SCARED.

It may take a day or three, but with the right approach and a bit of planning YOU will really be able to walk beside us on this ms journey. YOU have more resources than I had 19+ years ago. if I can YOU can as well, I am not unique I am just me and I LEARNED. Do yourself a favour and learn, this is a doable illness. SO DO IT.


Just doing it, as best as I can.

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as usual Royce great words of wisdom.


thank you

What DMT are you on Royce? Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🍫

RoyceNewton in reply to jimeka

Tecfidera,have done Beta 1b and a moth with Beta 1 a

One of the best things I learned in therapy was how to fall and not break things 👍. That was twenty three years ago 🙏. I remember going into the ER and falling just before the entrance and I bet half dozen people walked by me and did not offer to help 🤷🏼‍♂️. Like Royce said don’t depend on others. Learn how to fall and get back up 👍. Always keep your cell phone handy and I carry a rescue whistle just in case. Great post 👍🙏😉🐾. Ken

No offered to help, that is very sad, what has our society come to?

Kenu in reply to RoyceNewton

Everyone is afraid they will get sued 🤷🏼‍♂️ Crazy 😝

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