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It is not a matter of giving up. just find a new management style.

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ms is a dreadful inconvenience. "YOU" have to learn about subjects that "YOU" have absolutely no interest in. At least in the old days "YOU" did not, now is a different story. Rather embarrassing things occur that have to learn to cope with. Breaking down and crying at every drama is really not a viable option. Carrying that many eyedrops and tissues is really a bit much. From a nice stable self-assured confident person to something less than that, is not exactly how your life was meant to be.

"BUT" ms is joining your many many years of life. In very unforeseen and unexpected ways it is now taping on your shoulder and reminding "YOU" of its presence.

This is not under any circumstances a reason for giving up upon yourself. "YOU" can take the left turn in your life that "YOU" are presented with and adapt. "YOU" can try to ignore it, try every alternative therapy, that if you just spent some more money on will cure "YOU" yesterday. Or, you can straighten up, shed your tears and say, "okay this is what I've got, what do I have to do to live my best possible life and to learn and make my life well lived". Did "YOU" catch the last few words?

Make my life "WELL LIVED"? I do, every day when I write to "YOU", There is somebody somewhere that reads these words and say "yes I needed that today, that makes sense o me". It is not important who or that I never know, just that they exist. For all "YOU" parents, have "YOU" ever thought of what your children are learning when they see "YOU" live with ms every day of their lives. I handle mine because I watched a lady for years with a massively burned neck from a nursing accident and all that she went through. Seeing how she lived with her injury helped me learn to live with my ms. If she can live with hers, I can as well. All "YOU" parents show your children that this is a very doable condition. Bare that in mind as there is some hereditary pattern in ms. May not affect your children, but maybe a grandchild or niece. That fortitude that "YOU" display might one day rub off on somebody else. I am never saying to not shed your tears, be very moody or even not to soil yourself if "YOU" can not help it Merely to build that emotional strength in yourself that we all have. Nurture your positivity, as Chef Ramsey always says "Bounce back". One or two days of being down is not the end of anything, just shrug it off and say "it happens, it is a brain disease and I am allowed to be emotional if I want". This is a tricksy and sneaky condition, it tries to mess with "YOU" at every opportunity. Expect this and be ready for it. The less unexpected events that occur, the happier "YOU" will be. I am not telling "YOU" to be paranoid or to roll up in a bundle in a dark corner, just to be aware that strange things will happen along this journey. None of these medicines is perfect, nothing is. There is always a bad with the good. Do not be disheartened, just keep moving along your ms life path. This, now in 2018 is becoming a more and more "DOABLE" illness. All that it really requires is "YOU" to say Relapsing Remitting ms (RRms) You have met your match, I am going to manage and survive everything that you can possibly throw at me, because "I CAN"


Never ever give up, just change your ms management style.

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nice of you to say that, thank you.

Well said. Yes I needed to hear that today and I always appreciate the positive thoughts and words of wisdom 😀😀 Keep it coming... Have a fantastic weekend 🎉🙏🎉😀

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RoyceNewton in reply to Guava69

You as well

That was excellent Royce! Thank you.

Glad you liked it, thank you

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