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G'day Newbies

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My name is Royce, I am your self appointed temporary Bus Driver for this stage of your ms journey. I am not a Dr, any kind of therapist just an ordinary person like you with a little experience with this illness/disease/journey we I like to call my travels as a disabled man with ms in 2018.

Feel free to ask questions when you are ready, no pressure. If I know I will answer if not somebody else might. These are really friendly people with a lot of first hand knowledge, as they have ms as well.

So sit back relax have a really good cry and rest assured, your life has CHANGED BIG TIME but it is not OVER you have a long up and down journey ahead of you.

Now first things first. Next Doctor visit you NEED to talk about DMTs Disease Modifying Therapy. Medicine infusions, injections and Tablets. Back in the olden days we had the A B Cs Avonex Betaseron and Copaxone, lucky you you have a lot more to choose from these days, BUT YOU and only YOU have to Choose which one and You have to take it as prescribed. If you get back to the cool seats on the back of the bus you need to accept that YOU have to make CHOICES and CHANGES in your LIFE as YOU knew it, because things are different now.

Always make this CHOICE and REMEMBER YOU\I CAN, YOU/I WILL, YOU/I DO. ms is very survivable make your CHOICES so that your life is as easy as you can. Take your DMT. eat right, cut back on the smoking and drinking, exercise LEARN about your illness. DO what YOU have to DO to make life easier. REMEMBER YOU are not weal if you cry LOTS and LOTS, Accept that the answer to you US is JUST BECAUSE, had to happen to somebody and you are somebody so why not you. It is easier that way otherwise the why me get really depressing and self destructive.

So DMT, get it and take it, if u do not like it try another, but do take the medicine ,

Food, try to eat a little healthier,

Exercise, even a little regularly is a good thing. If you run a marathon feel free to brag, Because I at least am very impressed.

LEARN, all u can bouts, your neurologist will be impressed and a little knowledge will give you some power.

Be Careful with your $$$$. Miracle cures as a rule are NOT. If they were they would be very rich & it would be allover and everybody would be talking about it.

There is more to learn but YOU have to ASK LISTEN and READ. As we travel our ms journey there will always be more, just remember never ever ever give up. Others have survived this and if they CAN , YOU CAN as well. Make the CHOICE todo ms as well as YOU CAN.


A few months short of 20years so I am told.

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Great post RoyceNewton for the new people to MS and a very good reminder to those of us who have the disease longer!


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RoyceNewton in reply to bxrmom

thank you

Great post Royce. Made me smile before I even finished my 1st cup of coffee, not an easy feat I assure you!

Maybe you should start a podcast. I’d listen for sure.

Smile returned, thank you

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