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Power wheelchair

We live in Bergen County in New Jersey. My husband has a power wheelchair that was just replaced with a more advanced chair since he cannot stand at all. It is in decent condition and is kept in his room. If anyone can use it they would just need a van to come and pick it up. We just ask for a donation of whatever you can. We had to pay for a few additions to his chair.

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I’m mom jules and I luved in Bergen county until nov 2017 when I moved to Pennsylvania

My daughter still resides in Bergen county and works for a hospital system there. I may need a chair soon enough.

If you can’t find someone in more desperate need than me , I’ll be happy is talk to you.

Thank you.

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We are trying to get it up and running. Might need new batteries. We have had it sitting inside for a few months trying to find someone to give it too and now we see you can use it and it went to charge it and it won’t hold. My thought is it needs batteries. It’s yours as is if you want it but you would have to get someone to help with the batteries


Thank you so much but I am still walking do maybe someone who needs it more and knows how to fix it would need it.

You have a kind heart!


bless you and be well


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