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MS Hug needs a new name. Here are two definitions of hug. Def. 1: to clasp tightly in the arms, especially with affection; embrace. Def: 2

to cling firmly or fondly to; cherish: to hug an opinion. I had two friends visit me after Palm Sunday, and they stayed 3 days. When they arrived and departed, I had warm, embracing hugs. I have had this Hug to torment me every other week. It is horribly painful. Some times in my head or neck. But mostly around the rib cage are other muscles in my back. Interferes with me doing anything that requires me to breathe, like playing an instrument, or sitting straight up. Long car rides are terrible. My doctor gave me medro dose pack because steroids don’t go well with me. And I haven’t had relief. Who else suffers from these hugs? What is your way of coping or getting rid of these monster hugs?

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Thank you for posting TonyiaR7 about the ms hug. I hope people will respond and give their experiences. I have had it occasionally around the ribs, but I have never thought that the discomfort and pain that I get around my neck is the hug. I am due at my neurologist tomorrow so I am going to ask her. I look forward to reading others views. Blessings Jimeka 🤗

I have experienced the "hug" but nothing near the discomfort you describe and only lasted for a few hours at a time. Sorry your experience is what it is. Hope you find help. ~terry

Those are the type of hugs you don't want. I am on Oxybutipine I take 300 mg twice a day.but when I started out it was 900 mg twice a day but for that dose you have to slowly increase it it took awhile for it to work but it does work. But I have to say I still get the pains but not that bad if you have stress that pain will come back and bite you. I would as your neurologist about it.

I hope you find relief. That stress really can be painful. Good luck.

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Yes stress worsens the pain.

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My neurologist has given me low dose steroids (medro dose pack). I don’t do well psychologically with prednisone. Maybe we should have tried prednisone.

I ended up in the ER one time b/c of atrocious hug pain. I thought it had to be something more severe. I was on steroids at the time. I was given an IV of Valium and I got some rest and relief. I was given a prescription of Valium that I only use if the hug gets severe. I hope you get relief real soon!! That pain is crippling.


I am on baclofen for many years, it hasn’t address my MS Hug. I can’t even wear a bra. My morale is down. I have had some great moments recently. One friend says maybe it was too much!

The other thing that helped me was getting a breast reduction. My hugs used to be so bad i wud scream every time i moved. But getting that weight off along with baclofen has helped a ton. I still get them but not as bad. Another strong muscle relaxer i am on is Tizadine. Not sure if thats spelled rite but man a little goes a loooonnggg way

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I feel very bad for u. Those months of pain I suffered i wudnt wish that on anyone. My last bad hug i went to the ER and found out i had a kidney infection that triggered it. Have u been to the doc at all?

Yes I did. She wants to investigate of using cannibas to relieve my muscle spasms and the MS Hug (which is muscle spasms between the ribs in my ribcage mainly. This crazy weather in my area is not helping. Warm compress has also helped..

I so wish i lived in a state that had medical cannibas. The weather here in texas has been killing my hands which is now my latest source of discomfort

Thanks for caring. I have less pain. The Hug is more manageable. I wish baclofen and Tizanidine were more effective in managing these type of spasms/pain. And I breast size has never been an issue. I am a small, petite woman who had hips and muscular legs and arms.

So sorry for your pain. I had one of these and it was so painful, I thought I was having a heart attack. When I called MS doctor he told me what it was. I have alot of pain in my legs.

Praying for you

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Yes, I sympathize with pain in your legs. I get pain in my legs. Some times Ice helps calms down or dulls the pain in the legs. Well I will pray for us both.

I can only deal with one type of pain at a time, but this with pain in legs/thoracic spine at the same time is overwhelming at times. The first time I had MS hug, I called 911 because I thought I was having heart attack. Then after going to the ER and talking to neurologist, I had MS Hug. Now I get it more frequently.

How is your mom doing? I hope you are getting help to take care of her. I know you love your mom dearly. Your mom has such a loving daughter. My mom is doing well for her age, but when things come up, I wish that I can help her more. She loves God, works in the church, pray, & reads her Bible and keeps on going.

I have the neck hug happening as we speak. It's a pain in the butt, but manageable. I use heat and headache relief tablets. Good luck getting rid of yours. I hope the doc finds something that will help you.

Yes, some heat and Advil help relieved it to make it more manageable. Yoga exercises helped even more. Still waiting on getting more information about cannibas for my muscle spasms

which would help the MS hug in the future. For now, the pain level has significantly has been less. I must stay more calm and keep exercising. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

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