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MS Hug ~ First Experience


Hi Everyone,

I am currently experiencing my first MS Hug.

I know everyone is different but how long does this typically last? Mine started Thursday. The discomfort has subsided, intensified, subsided, intensified....

Thank you,


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You’re right; everyone is different. I experienced the hug for several weeks during my first relapse, and it waxed and waned during that time. I think some folks have had some relief from muscle relaxers or with application of low heat.

I hope it goes away quickly. Please let us know what you find that helps.

Mine lasted a few months this is before I knew I had MS and the doctor I had did know A from his elbow. I am serious about that. So I actually went to the ER because I didn't know what it was mine was so bad I thought I had broken bones. I finally found out what it was and got some medicine from my neurologist and it slowly subsided. I take Trileptal it took awhile to figure out what would work. I hope you get some help and you can get that pain under control.

So similar to my experience. For me it was baclofen that finally did it. It took awhile like u said. There r so many meds out there to try


I have experienced my 1st MS Hug this past month Daring_Greatly 🙁 Have you called your Neuro about it? 🤔

Are you experiencing any other symptom?

There is a list. But let your Neuro know anyway.💕

The best thing i can tell you is breath through it. ☹😭☹💕


Mine come and go. You never know when or how long they’re gonna last but tgeyre very painful at times.

Hope yours is short lived.


What is an MS hug?

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The MS hug varies in its presentation, but generally feels like a tightening around the lower chest or upper abdomen, like being squeezed. It sometimes even makes taking a deep breath difficult. Some people experience it as pain, and others feel more of a discomfort. As usual with MS, we're all different.

Yeah they call it a hug but its anything BUT the nice kind. Like being hugged by a boa constrictor

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Yes thats another good analogy!

Thanks to everyone for their replies & thoughts. I have reached out to my neurologist & am hopeful that I’ll hear back sometime today.

Will let you know. Have a fabulous day!


I would get the 'hug' sometimes after my Copaxone injections and the only thing I could do is wait it out which seemed like forever but it slowly passed. Had it only a few times, thankfully. I did find this article on the MS hug in the MSAA Community I hope it helps


Daring_Greatly, I've only experienced one MS hug, thank goodness. The pain was unbelievable and it's really scary when you can't breathe. I took a muscle relaxer and thankfully it only lasted one day. I hope you feel better soon and that it doesn't last long.

My neurologist got back to me this week. He told me to continue to communicate with my MS nurse, although I’m not sure the purpose of that. He said that he is just waiting for authorization and then I can begin a new drug. I’m still not feeling 100% but it’s better than it was. This disease is rough ... J’sayin

You can say that again, this disease is rough. Once you get those nasty hugs under some kind of control you will feel some what better. One thing make a list of what ever is bothering you so when you talk to your doctor you can let him know what is going on.

Good luck to you.


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