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The MS Hug, How does it feel to you?


Before I add the link, what I feel is my MS hug is really only a partial hug and enough to make me want it to be the only hug I ever feel. When I over-do, get stressed, the numbness, tingling goes from the toes of my right foot right up my leg through my backside and fairly gently around the front of my ribcage to the back near my spine. I feels like the ribs are going to collapse. There is a lot of pressure and tingling, but it doesn't really hurt. I'm blessed with just that. Now, here's link I came across today as I was doing some research on something else. I hope it works and I look forward to your responses. Lynn

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I am thankful that I don't get the "hug" very often. When I do it is very mild and just around my rib cage but it is enough to notice. ;)

Same here MS_Indestructible The only time I have had it was after doing my Copaxone injections. It was like the needle hit a nerve or something that triggered it to happen. It didn't happen all the time, just every once in a great while. It would be gone in about 5-10 minutes.


when I was first dx I was put on Copaxone with daily injections. I used the auto-injector because I have a hard time with needles plus it allowed me to inject in areas I otherwise would not be able to. I still remember the welts and sore areas. Always having at least 7 areas that were sore all the time. I'm so happy that time is over with for me. I did inject in the wrong place once and seriously thought I was going to die.

:) ~terry

Yes, I'm so glad I font have to do injections anymore either 😉

It feels like someone took a big, thick rope and tied it around me under my breast on top of my ribs. Then, one person gets one end, and another gets the other end and they pull.

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I've experienced the hug twice now and pretty recently. It's very scary indeed. Both times right b4 I had a relapse....hmmmm

I felt the hug a hand full of times, only if I over worked my self. It didn't hurt at all, just irritating. ❤🌷

I used to get them about once a week before I even knew I had MS. It would start in the middle of my chest. It felt as if someone/thing was inside squeezing my heart & esophagus working up to the top of my neck & then it feels like my head is going to pop off. It would hurt to breathe or swallow. I have found out that if I take a drink of water right at the beginning then it will stop. I don't have them very often anymore, but did have one the other day when I was working in the yard. I think my body was telling me to get inside where the A/C is!

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