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I spoke with my uncle they moved him to the hospital. Which I was pleased not for the reason, he was in pain his legs were hurting him badly. As I was talking with him he was telling me of how they were treated him. Like a child he is 83 year old.

This one aide was calling him sweetie and honey he said to me I am not her sweetie or honey. He is a very soft spoken and kind man Now you know we are having a bad snow storm he was telling me they are probably going to bring him back to the care house I forget it’s name. I said to him they can’t bring you back there in this weather. You have to realize that it’s all country roads. I was so upset that he was upset. You know I can’t get around by myself I need a wheelchair out side of the house. This is truly one of those times I am frustrated that I have this MS. and I said to him I wish I could be their for him and here he’s saying it’s ok Sandra you have your own problems. See he is a good person. I just had to tell someone this I figured you all would understand.

My sister called me and I vented these issues with her maybe she can do something I know if I call I will either yell or start to cry no good either way.

Bye for now and it is still snowing we got over two feet. 😑

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And again!

On the Wings of Angels 💕



Thanks I am breathing, I got to go out today for a little bit I ended up at Dunkin’ 🍩 i got the type of coffee ☕️ i wanted. I asked for a donut didn’t have what I wanted, I asked for a sandwich they don’t have that any more. I said to my son I can’t believe it I don’t get out that much and I can’t get what I want. Well the coffee was good that was the only saving grace. At least I got out. So much snow ❄️ we got 2 feet.


I’m sorry your uncle must endure this and that you and your family have the added worries. I’ll keep you all in prayer.


Sounds like the person calling him sweetie and honey may be a southerner. Here in the south its a compliment. But i know up north its considered sarcasm.

Sometimes we have to remember even tho we r all from the same country we do have different customs. I was born up north and it took me a long to get used to the way people in the south talk to you without wanting to punch them in the face. 😁😁😁

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Midgey_Midge06 I understand what you are saying I worked with this one man and he would call me Mam I use to say why are you calling me that I'm not that old am i. He said to me it has nothing to do with age it's just that I am from the south thats what we say it's out of respect for you. That's when I realized it was a good thing.

But you need to realized that my uncle has had his whole life has come crashing down on him finding out he will have to have Dialysis for the rest of his life, and his life has been turned upside down.

But thank you

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He sounds like a sweet man. I am so sorry he has to go thru all this. Much love and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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