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MS/ MS heart arteries...


I miss you all.I went into a stress test i requested and my quad bypass had collapsed. Scarring was the problem not the total clogged arteries.They put 2 stents in one side and this tues will do the other side.So scared.Seems the leg vein they used someone termed MS vein.Many Scars...which made it no good for the translplant anyway but lasted long enough.I got this feeling something was up and asked for the test and here we are....ALIVE.Just moving i was blessed not to have a heart attack and having MS slowed me down probably saved my life.I accept ALL prayers and good wishes.I really have missed you all.Merry Christmas now!I have had the best nurses/physicians and this group, understood NOT understanding what MS does.They told me they were sorry.What a switch.No family here and quiet Christmas and that is ok.Church has been so helpful with meals etc.It is just plain scary.Love to all! Jj

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I hope everything works out for you. Oh yes your prayers are being delivered as we speak 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


Oh jackiesj I will be praying for you many times a day as I pray for all of us affected by MS, but then have other health problems too. Sending up many prayers for successful procedures, speedy and complete healing. Hugs and prayers, Lynn

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Sending prayers your way.

I hope everything goes well jackiesj ! Good thoughts and wishes headed your way.

My prayers are with you 🤕❤️ Hope you get feeling better soon👍 Sure glad that you caught this, we seem to know what our bodies doing...🐕🐩🐶❤️🙏

jackiesj , You sound just like one of my good friends last year. She had a couple of stents put in and for other reasons actually had to be put in a medically induced coma for a few days. Today, she is better than new and that is what I'm, wishing for you! Great to hear from you again! Don't be a stranger!

I’m new here! Sounds like you’ve had a really rough time. I hope things turn around for you real soon.

@jackiesj OMGoodness! I’m so sorry. First for the CABG and then for the “MS-ed vein” graft. (As if MS of your nervous system weren’t enough. Oy.) Sending prayers and good wishes!

Oh no! I'm glad it is getting rerouted before something ugly happens. Lots of love to you!

JackiesJ I'm very sorry for this bad news! I'm praying the Doctors get you rebuilt ASAP and good to go for another 40 years! May God Bless you for the Holidays!

I will be Thinking of you and Praying for you! Kevin

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