MS resources!

MS resources!

I recently had an consultation at the new Stanford neuroscience Center and have never had such a compassionate devoted educated and thorough experience and all the 25 years I've had a MS! They are referring me out to numerous different areas to address symptoms and problems with my MS. I hope all of you are as fortunate to have good care and support as this disease is very challenging and it's easy to get discouraged!

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  • Wow! Would love to know more about the referrals--who, what type, and their interventions. So glad for you tho!

  • I am more and more impressed with medical colleges. My husband sees all of his doctors through UTMC our local university's medical college. They are the BEST doctors and staff I have ever known.

  • Since 1999, I have been treated at USC's Neurology Center, MS Division. What fabulous care I have received. If any MS patient has access to a university medical center, please go there for a consultation and treatment. You will recieve the best treatment & access to the newest meds and products their research has shown to work for MS patients.

  • I also go to URMC and they have an MS center. I was truly lucky that l got in so quickly. Saw an arthritis dr for my neck on a Friday and was sent to see my neorolgost on the following Monday. After another mri which is done close by. I love that they have a center just for MS and they all work together :)

  • Glad for you. I was just diagnosed August 3. Am going to UCSF MS Clinic September 21. Hope to get treatments started and get some relief.

  • Hi, KDenes. I am really glad you found such a great healthcare team. I think that is half the battle to find MS specialists that can understand how we feel even if we can't express it perfectly because some of the symptoms of this disease are so subtle......

  • Two of the people that I was referred to was an urology specializing in neurological deficits and a physical therapist that specializes in neurological problems as well! I think it was called physiatrist? Advised about taking high does biotin and also a compound pharmacy that make something similar to Ampyra.

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