Several of you wrote they would never go back on Xanax again. I was wondering why and how much dosage did you take that made you turned against it. I really want to go back on the 5 mg 1x day, It hekped me a lot, but neurologist changed me to Valium and its not helping! It is 4 am, I took my night meds (Restoril, Valium, Baclofen, ang magnesium at 10 pm (was taking melantonien but takes 30 mgs to help and that gets expe3nsive). Using calming oils in diffuser. HELP PLEASE! Been to 2 sleep clinics in last 15 years they dx with extrreme delayed sleep disorder. I jusst want to go to sleep when hubby does and get up before lunch! Xanax helped, want to insist on giving it back instead of valium, but would like input on why people are leart of it

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  • Are you kidding agapepilgrim ? I love my Xanax πŸ’• There are days where people would not survive,if l didn't have it. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜¨πŸ€£ I'm perscribed .05 mg 2x a day. But i break them in half unless I go into a full blown panic attack. And nope I don't take them every day. So addiction to them is not a problem 😊

    J 🌠

  • Xanax can be a godsend but 5 mg.? Wow, that is a huge dose if taken all at once. I'm prescribed 0.25 mg. tablets and one of those at bedtime sends me into a deep sleep. They once gave me 2 mg. To get through a challenging MRI and I didn't even know who I was afterwards and needed help to stand up. We now use 1 mg. for long MRI scans and that works well as long as I have someone to drive and help until it wears off.

    Not sure what to say for your dilemma, but let your doctor know that the Valium isn't as effective. I do understand a physician's concern with large doses of benzodiazepines, as they can be very addictive. I hope you are able to get on a safe regimen that works well for you.

  • @dianekjs thank you for replying. I checked my empty bottle, and it is 1 mg, not 5 mg of xanax, I began with .5, not 5!! Yes 5 mg might put me to sleep! I could take 2 mg (2 of the 1 mg), and that will dry my tears, put MS giant tree in perspective with the rest of the forest (my life), and I can interact socially once again. It does not put me to sleep, and I have sound cognitive function (well, as much as possible with MS). I don't know why my neurologist prefers Valium. Next visit, guess I must "yank his chain" as he puts it, and insist on going back to 1 mg of xanax (which I could cut in half for mild anxiety). I have a very high tolerance to assimilating any medication. Restoril 15 mg was supposed to put me to sleep in half hour, it does not! Even with the Valium and muscle relaxer, magnesium and melantonin. With the entire combination, though, I will fall asleep in about 3 hours and awake in about 5. Like I said, my body does not assimilate much. In my other life, I used to drink wine and the entire bottle of wine only slightly relaxed me. But, doctors do not believe this is possible! Anway, I will keep chopping away at the tree.

  • agapepilgrim I started off on three 1 ng daily. But after a while 3 didn't do it so I was raised o 4 then to 5. There's a long period of my life I don't remember. My psychgatrist was a quack to say the least. I checked my self in rehab 6 years ago to get off them and wouldn't take another for any reason. My fault four letting them so well but none the less they will take you on a journey if you let them. You must use self control. My anxiety was off the charts but I cpgot carried away. I thought no feel no pain but they brought more pain than I had. I almost lost the only things that I lived for. 7 days in rehab just to get over the withdrawals. If you have self control yoiull be OK but they are the most addictive meds I've ever taken best of luck my friend.


  • I'm so sorry that you went through that Doubled51 πŸ™ at least you saw what was happening and asked for help 😊 I think that can be half the battle?

    I had a Dr give me aniatripalyn (can't spell) and I tell you what!!! I LOVED that stuff. To the point of dumping it down the garbage disposal. After losing 2 wks of time to the sci fi channel. Now I say I'm allergic to it.

    J 🌠

  • @jescmcd2 I wish I saw my problem in 2 weeks took me 8 years. I went thru withdrawals from stopping so bad that I went to rehab for some help. Spent 7 days there with meds to get me thru. They are so very easily addictive and the stopping is so bad they scare me to think about. Stopping them was the best decision of my life. There's a lot of time I don't even remember thanks to Xanax. If anyone uses them please use responsibly.


  • Like I said Doubled51 great job getting off of them!πŸ’• I break mine in half of i feel I need one.

    Unless it's a full blown panic attack.πŸ˜• Those are very far and few between! Thank goodness!

    J 🌠

  • "Jesmcd2. Thanks. I didn't take Xanax for panic attacks. My sister in law does. She has them bad. But I don't have panic attacks, my brain won't stop thinking and I can't sleep "serious delayed sleep disorder " sleep clinic doctor prescribed to help slow down my mind. He said most people are like a Boeing 57, but my mind was more like F15 and difficult to stop. I don't dwell on negative stuff, just philosophic thoughts, or lie there and memorize scriptures or eastern philosophy or mellow music. Now with Xanax gone and Valium in its place my mind doesn't shut off. Sometimes for 2 days. That's what Xanax did for me- produce The serotonin to relax my mind. I take melantonin and other herbs, sleepytine tea, aromatherapy by my bed, diet plans for sleeping, herbs for sleeping, meditation for sleeping - believe me, there isn't anything I haven't tried from my own research that helps. And I am 70. Been this way since small child. No one but sleep clinic doctors believe me or understandthat. I get so fatigued I cannot deal with the pain of MS and fibromyalgiand arthritis and bursitis that I do get depressed. After an almost fatal car wreck it was much worse and I was checked into mental health clinic. I left there on 3 psychotic drugs that zombiesd out all emotions, but I slept. After a few years I wanted mind and heart back, stopped all the mind altering drugs, went back to small dose of Xanax and the herbs, etc. I am convinced the lack of R.E.M. Sleep caused my immmune system to go haywire and to-dah! MS set in at 17 (which ALL medical field chose to ignore and diagnose other ways. My temporary blindness at 17 (that I was finally asked if I ever had) was the onset of MS the neuros say, and it's kinda late to undo the right brain damage incurred. But I keep going. On Third DMT in 1 year (allergic reactions) andvthats Tecfidera. Just started 9/11. Appropriate, huh? Anyway, why did you stop Tecfidera. The neurologist said it was my last med to try due to very suppresse immune system (which I believe was caused from lifetime of very little ReM sleep. But no doctor believes me! Or else they would treat me for sleep. But Everyone has a different path to walk, hopefully to lead Home to Heaven, where I intend to sleep a lot!

  • Good for you getting off of them!

  • agapepilgrim I got hooked on xanax for years -- as well as ambien (before MS). I realize now it made me irritable and angry. When I got diagnosed with MS this year, my doctor and nutritionist said the number 1 thing I should do is get off them. I started taking Melantonin -- dosage 5 mg, if it doesn't work go to 10, then to 15 up to a max 20 mg. I had no withdrawls and have been getting the best deep sleep ever since I switched. I had tried Melantonin before, but I think I didn't know the correct dosage or have a quality product. Try Melantonin! I am happy to give you the brand of what i take, let me know.

  • @suzy20zsuzy20

    I was strung out and abused them for years. Addicted is putting it mildly. Haha. I haven't taken one since this Dec will be 6 years. Honestly I was given the choice between Xanax or my family. I was that bad. Thank god I chose my family. My ms Neuro took over my sleep management this month so I'm looking for some help. The sleep Dr I was seeing would shake my hand write a new prescription and say ill see you next time. She's a history. He's adjusting the pressure on my cpap machine and I'm keeping a nightly log of my sleep. So I'm hoping he has some new solutions. My old Dr tried melatonin and I just didn't help. Thanks for letting me know I wasn't the only one hit with these little pills. Glad you didn't get out of hand like I did.

    God bless


  • suzy20 yes I would like the brand. I take from 20-30, plus restoril and magnesium. Still difficult to go sleep.

  • Definitely yank your doc's chain! You know your body better than he ever will, and your tolerance as well. I have a very high tolerance to meds--& to pain--it's really been tested in some very adverse ways (after a major back surgery for example!) But I have learned that we need to educate our doctors--they may know the books, but we know ourselves!! Not the time to be shy for sure. Let us know if he comes up with a reason he's not keen on the xanax in particular! Carefully, agapepilgrim!

  • PetieJ my doctor doesn't return my calls- been trying for 3 weeks to get order for HC virus due to starting Tecfidera and my comprised immune system and Epstein Barr virus, shingles virus and HP virus. Want a starting point, but he says at my age the Tecfidera probably won't help! I was furious! Wished I had a Xanax at that day. I was crying so hard and I was so furious and yelling at my husband who always thinks doctor knows best (he doesn't have pain issues., not even headaches!). All I want is a real hug and someone who understands, but that's not on my life - except when I concentrate on prayer and let go of people and my expectations of those who say they love me ,, He said the Valium will help my horrific back spasms and that's why, but hasn't phased them, nor has the very low dose (7.5) Norco. Sent me to Botox neurologist who I saw last week and after painful test that felt like a taser gun must feel, said I am not candidate and need to go to pain clinic. My neurologist said he will not treat me if I resort to pain clinic. Demanding I see a psychiatrist for my worsening MS and right brain damage combined with PTSD. For awhile I said , beenbrhat route, been in the Clinic, and didn't phase my back and neck pain, but did make me a zombie emotionally so I wouldn't get angry about my pain. But it's my journey, and I read my devotional page today, I will not give up my confession to trust the Llrd in all things.

  • I don't understand why they won't let you have the Xanex. There are so many other sleep and calming meds that are even more habit forming, not to mention all the possible drug interactions. As a patient, I would insist on knowing the doc's reasoning behind his not wanting you on Xanex. You should have a say in your care. One of my best friends was rx'd Xanex for panic attacks and does just fine on it. Please be careful when mixing up some of your meds like the Xanex, Baclofen and the OTC Meletonin sleep aid. I just recently was started on Baclofin and already take Gabapentin, I took them too close together and was a dizzy goose for about 3 hours. Let us know what the doc says. Lynn

  • I see they are getting strick on just about all of it..sad for those of us who desperately need help....

  • Agreed, docs are more strick because they are pressured to promote new meds and therapies. They all need to spend time in our bodies. More education and research needs to be done, from the docs to our families, friends & neighbors. There, rant over, sorry 😐 having a rough evening, Lynn

  • CalfeeChick i don't understand either. He said the Valium would be much better. It doesn't phase me. I don't see him until oct 31, but I will be yanking his chain again!! I have very low tolerance for pain, but no one believes me. The rheumatologist said it is caused by my fibromyalgia. I don't believe one specialist respects another subject specialist (like allergist and neurologist.. so tired of them all! My primary had me on Xanax, just 1 mg a day, and I was not addicted because I had no withdrawal symptoms. Being proactive requires energy and sometimes I am just too fatigued to quote scientists facts and personal history over and over!! Surviving pain, trauma, clinical depression, and a myriad of other health issues for 50 years and not addicted to anything I think makes me an expert on MY body and brain and what works for me. BUT, as my daughter says who works in hospital (RT) doctors will not tolerate being told their meds don't work fir ME. Enough negative. I am blessed! I am functioning somewhat!

  • CalfeeChick thanks fior warming. The Bostox neuro just started me on Baclofen, so I will

    Reasearch thar and watch for symptoms. I was on a muscle relaxer for painful spasticity in calves for about 15 yrs but I guess due to longevity and my age, it started causing Syncope ( which no one wants to faint and possibles hit your head on concrete object!). Went to cardiologists for a year and took 3 meds, but resulted in Flexeril causing it! So tired if medical reactions! But such is what happens with seriously suppressed immune system! I will keep going, keep functioning no matter how limited until my Savior calls me Home. ps - I am allergic to gabapentin also- stopped control of bladder. Boy was that a mess!

  • I am on the lowest dose of Bacolfen and am thinking of asking for a higher dose at appt in Oct. Since starting it, I've had more spasms in toes and a couple of doozy spasms "Charley Horses" that left my leg weak and muscles sore.. Do we ever get over feeling exhausted by fighting symptoms..?

  • CalfeeChick NOPE!!!! As the song says"just give me Grace for the living of these days" same here with Baclofen. The Lord bless you and give you peace and strength to be free

  • agapepilgrim , I have some Xanax pills here that I've had for a couple of years now. My former neurologist prescribed them but I've never taken even one. He suggested starting by cutting off just a sliver of one pill but I won't even do that. I'm very reluctant to try any drug that has an effect on my nervous system. MS is already doing things to my nervous system. I figure that's enough to cope with, but there have been times that were so stressful that the Xanax was tempting. It's nice to know it's there. Actually I asked for Librium because that was a drug I took many years ago, and it worked well. He suggested Xanax as being an improvement over Librium since it was newer but he may have just been keen on using the newest drug to come down the pike.

  • agate i do believe they get kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies. They gave plenty to spread around,, Teva (copaxone whicjh I tried and caused blistering shingle type rash) has been on market for 18-19 years and I calculated by the number of patients taking it for 15 years, they are billionaires - enough to buy several American drug companies. Makes me furious! They are now researching a flue vaccine that will treat all types of flu viruses. They Will make billions from that one.! If our bodies weren't so overloaded with chemicals from air, water and soil we wouldn't need all their medicine. Once I worked for stock traders and financial advisers and their #1 stock to invested in was pharmaceutical companies. That was 26 years ago and I couldn't believe it!! Now I understand why when companies charge Thousands monthly for chronic incurable disease! How they prey on the weak and suffering while becoming billionaires! And we go broke down to poverty level! Ok, enough composing. Negative thoughts do not contribute to overcoming the anger caused by disease. Celexa was one drug that made me a loose bomb to the extent I am not invited to my brothers home anymore after a thanksgiving blow up! Oh, to have had a Xanax that day to calm me down from my controllableotions caused by so much brain damage to communication nerves. Okay, as the quote says, just breathe deep." That's the priority. (Until my chronic bronchitis flares up and that hurts , or pleurisy flares up and it is too painful to breathe deep!) I so appreciate to read about similar symptoms, and a few things I haven't tried yet. Thanks to everyone and the people in this MS forum are at the top of my list (no my daughter suffering with Crohn's disease and is a working single mom who endures daily pain and allergic even to pain meds is at the top of my list). Bless you one and all we will make it if we stand true "to our confessions of trust in the Lird "

  • agapepilgrim, I do hope you call your doctor about the Xanax. I remember when Valium was considered such a big threat as far as addiction.

  • greaterexp yes I had always read Valium was more addictive, and damaging to cognitive abilities. I was shocked he changed me from Xanax to Valium. His reasoning was that it would help my muscle spasms (which after 6 months has not!) I stopped taking 6 meds that listed as side affect low cognition. That should tell them all I am only out for my on sanity. But, no, they no best!

  • Agapepilgrim, I also took a small dose of Xanax for years. Now have a different psychiatrist who Will Not prescribe it. If another doctor gives it to you, this office will no longer see you. So, they use gabapentin. It helps somewhat overall, but all my drugs have side effects. I am also on Lamictal and Zoloft.

  • Oils lights reading leds and screen all mess with sleep for me.Sometimes my body gets so use to the meds I have to back off and do one at a time to get them to work right again.I was on Xanax a long time ago.I can still remember the withdrawal and the need for more and more.That was me, talk to doc because it can be different for all.Have you tried Lunesta with benedryl?Seems to work pretty good after I'm up for awhile.If I go to bed at 10 I'm up at midnight....Oh it means so much to sleep......when you do...happy dreams!I have to eat before bed, but not to much or awake....xoxoxojj

  • @Jackiesj. Xanax withdrawals are straight from the pits of hell. Absolutely the worst week of my life. I've endured 2 back surgeries both with spinal fusions, plantars fasciatis(excuse spelling) on both feet good for 12 weeks each, gall bladder removed, sleep apnea surgery tonsils and sinuses, half my nose cut off and plastic surgery due to skin cancer, entire hand reattached thanks to falling while stopping my 3 year old grandson from running into street in to traffic and probably something I've forgotten. But none of it was as bad as Xanax withdrawals and that's the truth so help me God.


  • Wow, oh sweets I felt pain on that one for you.Yipe when those chemicals hit the brain and the body is hell but my gosh you hav been thru so many miracles.By now you should have a whole new body!best wishes and no more stuff ok!But in life know we are here.....

  • jackiesj I said all that just to tell people how bad not only only Xanax but any drug can be. If you don't control them they can add pain instead of relieve them. I laugh every time I go in a court house I tell them I'm probably gonna set the metal detectors off and have on occasions. I tell folks I'm the vionic man I just can't run like Lee Majors can. I also have a granddaughter that has a problem with Xanax and its causing her trouble that just won't end. But when you're under that magical feeling you don't listen to reason. You say "I don't have a problem the doctor says I need them". Most times the doctor doesn't know what they are doing to your life. I know there a plenty of good people that noeed them and use them responsibly they're just so easy to fall under the spell off. I'm sorry if I sound a little harsh on this subject I just don't want anyone to go thru what I did. I've kinda been on a mission since I got out of rehab to tell people not to do what I have done. But each to their own. Didn't mean to ramble on but I'm passionate on this subject. I was in no way saying I had been thru more than any1 one else I was just using that as an example of how bad benzo withdrawals can be. It was so bad that my teeth were clamped together so bad I could hardly speak. Just so glad god helped me thru it all. Without him I could have never stopped. He is so good. Blessings to you.


  • Doubled51 you sound like a walking miracle!! As you wrote before (and as scripture states) it takes self control to have moderation in all things. God bless you and reward you with no more suffering some day!

  • Xanax has done wonders for me. Had a new primary care nurse practitioner tell me it's a terrible drug and they will not write prescriptions for it. I've been on it .25 two maybe three times a day for over a year. She said Buspar was better. Well no it wasn't and caused all sorts of trouble. I saw my ms neurologist and he was fit to be tied and put me back on them. I can't function without it.

  • @agapepilgrim. Amen. Withoutout God I wouldn't be here today. I know abuse is a personal choice for each of us. As the old animals song the house of the rising Sun says I want people "bot to do what I have done". I'm not trying to tell anybody not to take Xanax or anything else because we all know the risk of addiction on so many things. In my younger days I did a little of a lot of things and a lot of some. I smoked pot drank enough beer and whiskey to float a battle ship for years but I laid them down and never looked back. But Xanax was a different thing. It can be a god send or a curse. Praying its a god send to all who need it. I'm just the son of an old time Baptist preacher spreading the word. Haha. My mother took valium for years Never abused them but she went to the hospital after a heart attack. Athey called me and my brother to come because she was acting crazy and completely out hand. After talking we went over her meds and found they had left off her valium. An hour later after they gave them to her she was calm as a little lamb. Bit telling anybody what to do just warning of the possibilities.

    It's all in love.


  • @agapepilgrim I look forward to that day. Gods word promises no more suffering and no more pain. And I know every word is the truth. So I look forward to hear Jesus say well done my good and faithful servant. Yes he has worked miracles in my life. With all the stupid things I've done the greatest miracle is that I'm still alive and god still loves me and forgives me. Well enough preaching. God is good all the time.


  • And yet doctors say there are no withdrawls. Bull

  • @Christopher4. Doctors have never been in my shoes. I've done a lot of things and quit a lot of things in 65 years but never have I been thru anything like Xanax withdrawals. A long time ago I drank way to much for over 20 years and sat it down and walked away with no difficulty at all. 0 withdrawals but I'd be a liar to say the same for Xanax.


  • agapepilgrim The Melatonin is:

    21st Century, Maximum Strength Melatonin, 5 mg tablets. Wishing you some good Zzzz's!

  • I took a Xanax once and played video games for 6hrs straight. The drug class has many gems for many people, but it's a trial and error type of thing. In my experience, klonopin is the winner for getting me to sleep when I had insomnia. I've never tried anything else in that class because I got lucky with the second drug.

    I take 1/2 a unisom now when I need it, it's the blue ones and says doxylamine 25mg on the label.

  • @kdali is that with the klonopin, or does unisom help by itself? I tried unisom but could also play my games for 6hours or all right! Every time I ask for a different drug, the docs look at me like a drug addict! Infuriates me! I have never been addicted to anything, but yet he gets mad when I told him I went off 8 meds that obiously were not helping my health problems a bit. Yep, just disgusted with them all. And this last visit when the neurologist ordered Tecfidera, he said he didn't know if it would help or not! Yet will not give me sleeping med or pain med stronger than hydroxone 7.5 (4 ibruprofen 3x day work better which is what the rheumatolgist put me on 20 years ago for fibromyalgia but I know that is bad for liver so after about 5 years I stopped.) Just so tired of pain.


  • Please Please Please DO NOT TAKE Xanax. It is a terrible drug. Once you start you can NEVER stop. They just keep adding more and more until you are hopelessly dependent on the crap. PLEASE DON't

  • Christopher4. Sounds like you know what I'm taking about.


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