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Clonopin vs Xanax or valium

I was diagnosed with MS on my birthday in 2003.

I have anxiety/ anger issues since 2010. The Dr started me on clonazepam (generic clonopin) .5mg 3xs daily. It started out as anxiety attacks. In 2014 my anxiety was a normal anxiety attack and then to anger.. my Dr has changed my depression meds a few times to see if there is a change. There was for a short time then back to anxiety with anger.

I am curious. Do others that take Xanax or valium have the same problem? What has your Dr done to change your issue or has it changed?

I am curious if I have become immune to the clonopin

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Over a course of. About 12 years my psychiatrist tried every thing imaginable on me for depression and anxiety. Xanax helped on anxiety but it triggered my anger. Its crazy I know but while I was taking Xanax I had a hair trigger. Since then I've cut loose my psych and all meds and doing great except for my occasional ms outburst.



You can become tolerant to anything in the benzodiazepine class, maybe discuss taking a tolerance break with your doctor so it will work for you again.


Thank you I will ask her about it!


I have been in and out of Therapy since my thirties, for various reasons, the best thing that I am taking right now and in the past has been Zoloft. When I get overly tired I still get depressed. I have been unable to really find a Therapist/Psychiatrist that deals in MS. I take Valum at night along with my Baclofen for the spasms in my legs. I have tried going off the Zoloft, but I do feel worse with out it. I no longer am taking any MS drugs, just treating the symptoms, because I can't. There are just some things that I have told myself, that ya just gotta accept with this disease, fatigue, depression, pain and people not understanding you. I hope you find help with a Therapist that may have some knowledge of MS, and gets you on some type of med that will help you. I will ask God's guidance for you. Good Luck

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Thank you for your insight! Unfortunately I can not take Zoloft.

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