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Unnumbered post Wow how inefficient 3 Dec 2020


Hello Beloved family. All well and having a quiet restful day I hope. Merely to complain because I can. I thought computers and connectivity were supposed to make our life better. Whatever better is. I find myself as years go by becoming more frustrated by electronics which are far from simple to operate. Very far from intuitive and difficult to get fixed when they do malfunction. Not to mention costly. Not to mention I do not understand a lot of the help peoples accents. Why does the world not speak clear Australian?

Sorry had to whine to somebody and She Who Must Be Obeyed ignored me.

Okay on an ms MRI front. Machines are measured in Tesla. The higher the Tesla the better. 3 is around standard, higher than that I have found are mostly at Special places, schools etc. Take Valium when "YOU" have the test. I do 5mg before and another 5mg as I get undressed and go in the tube. I did say "YOU" go into a long loud tube. Usually, over in an hour or so, it is chilly so ask for a blanket. Collect the pictures and a copy of your report. "YOU" are unlikely to understand the report. This is no big deal the bits you do understand will give "YOU" the gist, and your follow up with your Neurologist (Neuro) should fill in the rest. "YOU" are expecting disease progression. THIS IS NORMAL DO NOT FRET. The strongest Disease-Modifying Therapy (DMT) stops less than 40+50% of lesions. My numbers may be wrong.

"YOU" are STILL DOING THE RIGHT THING. THE BEST FOR YOURSELF, keep it up and enjoy your many years. "YOU" are okay, do not worry. Live your life the best that "YOU" can, and enjoy what "YOU" have.

Royce ( your ms writer and Brother)

Gees 52, DX-D 22

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thank you for this great info on machine ....so glad you are relaxing ....love and much happiness for such a great post on those machines ,i just know they are very noisy ...take care or are we suppose to get a copy of the xrays ...i don't have any ...they are just showed to me so i guess i should ask for a copy to show the family what is going on in my head ...lahahhahahhaahhahahh

I just keep them as a record in my hands. I guess the report is most important, but I like both

Hi there, thanks for the good advice. I completely agree with everything you said, having been a victim, I mean a visitor to about a dozen MRIs. (maybe more but who's counting?) The valium only if you are claustrophobic or very sensitive to noise and I am both. and I should add that they only use the dye (contrast) occasionally now as it could be toxic.

Yes, turns out I am claustrophobic as well, who knew. I think the Valium makes it go faster, so I take it.

I collect both also, I bring them to my neurologist incase he didn't get them, I also bring the CD to my neuro surgeon

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