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Discomfort for hours after eating

Hi! I'm looking for other ms-ers, male or female who have had or have now the physical feelings I have. Here's some info about me: I'm 62, other than ms since around 1992, am very healthy. I've never taken any DMDs (only 1 existed when I was diagnosed). Ms never touched me outside of attacks brought on by extreme exposures to solvents - a serious allergy for me. I'm now 7 years past menopause and 2 weeks ago have found my stomach/top of the small intestine in low level discomfort for hours after eating. I'm mostly vegetarian with some fish, chew well and am careful about food combining. I take a natural digestion aid called Digestizyme by Nature's Best (UK). Has anyone else feel or felt any discomfort like I've described or similar? How long has it lasted for you? What do you do? Many, many thanks!

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Hi Shantami

I haven't fel these symptoms but the cause could be many things: gall bladder, gastritis, achalasia...

Probably should discuss with your health care provider if you haven't yet

Good luck!



Agree. It might not be MS-related. I hope you get to the bottom of it, and some relief, soon! 😊


Hello Shantami, I also feel bloated after I eat a meal I usually lay down for about 15 min after a meal and I feel good after that been like this for about a year now. GOD BLESS!


I was feeling the same as you for months, maybe a year. I finally figured out I had become lactose intolerance. Had never had any issues w it before. Maybe try cutting dairy fir a couple weeks.


I get bloated and have a stomach ache after I eat & for the past 5 days I have the worst acid reflux ever

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Not sure what you mean by discomfort. I've experienced burning after taking some meds or eatrrolorologistring bbq or other spicy foods and the Dr diagnosed gastritis and I regularly take Zantac in the evening. I would strongly suggest seeing a gastroenterologist. Self- diagnosis is never a good idea.


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