Dx with RRMS but always have symptoms

Is this an issue for anyone else or am I just weird? I was Dx with Relapsing/Remitting MS at the age of 59 (I'm 64 now). My doctors say I've probably had it for many years. I hear and read about relapses and exacerbations but I never have a time when I don't have some kind of MS symptoms going on. Sometimes it's only two or three symptoms and other times they all hit at once but I am NEVER without some type of symptoms going on. Does anyone experience this with RRMS?

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  • What you are describing is how I feel all the time and I have PPMS and I am 60. Blessings Jimeka

  • Blcasey279 I have RRMS and always have some type of symptom. I was diagnosed eight years ago. At that time I didn't really notice symptoms except exacerbations trigeminal neuralgia . Now there are daily symptoms and I adapt to them. But they do accumulate

    I may now have SPMS but when I ask my Neuro she says current theory is suggesting that there is very little distinction between the forms of MS. It's almost as if they occur on a continuum.

  • Same with me Blcasey279.

  • Same with me, always have some symptoms, they just get worse at times. I am 68 and just went numb last summer. Have not had stage description given as yet.

  • I was dx ten years ago and only had one 8month period when I felt reasonably good. Otherwise I have constant excruciating symptoms. I hope you find relief. Kelly xx

  • Relapsing remitting doesn't mean you'll be without symptoms. It means you'll have definitive times when symptoms are worse or new. Then you will see (hopefully) a return to your "normal" level of disability. Many times you never return fully but gradually each time lose a little more.

  • I was dx'd in Sept. of 2016, and feel as you do, with plenty of symptoms, most of which wax and wane. I agree with StacyHayward.

  • I was diagnosed at age 66 in 2014. Come find out I was missed diagnosed in 1981. At that time I was having severe dizziness but not the problems I have now with my legs. I had a very wise neurologist who realized I had MS. He ordered MRI which proved it. I had so many lesions in my brain that the radiologist couldn't count them all.

  • I was diagnosed at 69, so some things like dizziness and balance. Plus, huge issues with bowel incontinence off an on. Seems symptoms very a lot. I take Copaxone three times a week

  • I experience that sameness with SPMS - I am sorry we have to suffer this d*mn disease. Maybe we can think of ways to make your symptoms less bothersome (if that's possible?). I am 68 yrs, had RRMS for about 15 yrs and went into SPMS, for ~30 yrs. I believe I have had ALL of the MS symptoms at one time or another...sheesh.

  • Thank you all for your comments! It helps to know that what I experience is real and I'm not the only one. The other thing I get from reading your posts is...' It doesn't really matter what the dx is.... its all a pain in the.... (fill in blank).

  • I completely agree with you Blcasey279 !🌠

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