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I look outside the box to help me with my daily issues of my RRMS. I have 2 beautiful girls both under 10 yrs that keep me on my feet at all levels of the day. I loathe the summer and deal with things in my cooling vest. I love snowshoeing as I live in New England...I have been in LOVE with Star Wars since I saw it as a kid back in 78' and have attached myself to Darth Vader as "my fav". I hope to make some new friends here and possibly learn a thing a two.

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  • Hi Fuzzman, my 2 grandsons 8 and 3 are Starwars crazy, everything is Starwars, keep enjoying yourself, snow shoeing is a beautiful sport, have fun, cheers Jimeka

  • Thanks Jimeka....the new start wars heroine Rey is oldest daughter LOVES her. I think she is a great role model for young girls..strong, smarter than boys and passionate.

  • I will have to ask my grandsons? I am an original star wars fan. I make cushions and my eldest grandson just finished one of the logo and it really looks good. My youngest one wanted to make one of Luke Skywalker but when I showed him a picture of who I thought and remember as him, I was told that he was too young. When they showed me Luke as he is today,I got a shock. I suddenly realised after all those years, he would have changed. Time goes quick, so enjoy all your grand children, they are such a blessing and each one brings their own love with them. God bless, Jimeka

  • Welcome! How blessed you are to have two daughters. I have 3 granddaughters (3 grandsons too). Having raised two boys, I was thrilled to finally have a 'girl.' 😉 Heat and humidity really bother me. I much prefer cooler temps. I hope you get enough snow this winter so you can snowshoe. Do your girls go with you? Be careful!

  • They will this year-LOL. 2 daughters & 3 granddaughters & 2 grandsons, that my friend is a true blessing. How is your sanity?-LOL My cooling vest is awesome, do you have one? WIsh us luck on the snow in central Massachusetts!

  • Fortunately, our boys are grown and gone, and we aren't raising our grandkids (like some grandparents are today). Otherwise, my brain might be worse than it already is. That would be dreadful! But I love the kids--all of them. Grandkids are a pure joy. Enjoy your girls. As Jimeka said, they will be grown and gone before you know it! But what memories you all will make out snowshoeing together. That sounds like fun. Where I live (near the Washington Coast), our temps are rather moderate. Rarely will we reach 80 in the summer. But on days when it's hot (above 70 is hot to me) or too sunny, I avoid the outdoors. I could have used a cooling vest when we lived in Hawaii though. There I could barely function because of the heat and humidity. I know Massachusetts gets some heat and humidity in the summer...and obviously, plenty of snow for snowshoeing!

  • Hello!! All the way to New England, from Mexico!!

  • What part of Mexico? The heat must kick your ass? Welcome!

  • México state. Tends to be cold,!!

  • Welcome 'Fuzz'!

    Sounds like you're doing okay! I love when that happens! Your daughters must be a big part of the reason! :-)

    I guess those cooling vests really work, huh? I've thought of getting one many times but haven't yet. How long do they stay cool? Do they limit movement at all?

    I saw Star Wars in '78 as well - in England. I remember realizing, as it was coming to an end, that my rear end was numb from sitting on the edge of my seat! At the end, the crowded cinema stood and cheered and applauded!

    Glad you're here... enjoy!

    Anne :-)

  • The vest is adjustable to each person and it lasts a good 3 to 4 hours. When I filled out the application with the MSAA, you do get a 2nd pack of ice bags..for the vest. It was FREE, with doctor signature of course.

  • Hi Fuzzman and welcome to the roller coaster ride of MS. I have 3 grown beautiful daughters and a grandson and granddaughter. The holidays are enough to wipe me out! But l love every minute of it. It don't get to see them as often as l used to, school, sports things like that. :) Welcome again to our chat, as you see we talk about pretty much anything and everything, but most of all support each other. :)

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