To HOT!!!

When I get hot from taking a shower (cool), doing something out side, walking to check the mail and many more scenarios.

I can't cool off for the longest. I keep a hot sticky feeling for the longest.

Is this normal for MS? Please understand I feel hot inside. I have cooling devises I use but they only cool the outside. Sometimes my head feels like it's so hot I feel like it's burning inside.

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  • SlmHarris i wonder if drinking ice water or pre-cooling before the activity would help?

  • That happens to me often SlmHarris , sometimes I have to get in a cool shower. In the winter the opposite can happen and I cannot get warm unless I get in a hot shower. I just say my thermostat is broken.😜

  • My thermostat was not installed I guess lol

  • I drink ice water all day long, and that really helps! Has made a difference! But maybe that's the cause of my GPS bladder? Many of us have thermostat problems, so put out the fire with lots and lots of ice water! Great suggestion erash

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • These girls sure have some great responses. I am both hot and cold sensitive and learning to deal with it. Nowadays never get into a hot shower as it makes me weak. My suggestion is to take a cooler shower and continue to cool off after by dressing in cotton clothes. Wear your cooling vest on your walk. Drink lots of cool liquids during the day. Leave alcohol in the bottle, it just dehydrates you anyway. Hope you find a solution that works for you. Lynn

  • @SlmHarris

    Have you had this a long time? Have you discussed this with your doctor? I'm no clinician but it seems that what you have described is beyond the typical heat intolerance experienced by most MS patients. Have you taken your temperature? (i.e. Wondering if you are hot or "feel" hot.) I'm wondering about thyroid, B12, or the possibility of other endocrine issues. Not sure you want to just chalk it up to MS. My two cents. 😉 Hope you get answers and some relief!!

  • I have recently been diagnosed with thyroid issues. I've been on meds now about 8 weeks.. I do take B-12. I will mention it again to my MS Dr. She did fill out a form I took to her to get cooling devices. I will mention it to her again.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

  • SlmHarris, I have Hashimito's Thyroiditis and have been told that, along with MS and Sjogren's (both affect the autonomic system), may be why my 'thermostat' is broken. My cheeks flush bright red (like a bad sunburn) and are hot to the touch. This is totally different from menopausal hot flashes-nothing like that, and my blood pressure is normal when this happens.

    As others have said, drinking something cold may help, but I also place something cold (cloths, a refrigerated soda can, etc.) on my cheeks to help cool them down. I can end up with a raging headache if my cheeks remain too hot for too long.

    I agree with sure to mention this to your doctor. I'm sorry you have this added symptom. 💕

  • Thank you!

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