I am frighten that I made a mistake trying a new regimen for my pain management. The transition to partially change medication has been hard. Plus I can't drive while I am in transition. Thus, I will have to use the county's transportation to get around. I think I have too many changes within the last 2 years and really need to halt and rest before I try another new self -improvement. I feel worse emotionally and physically. Monday I will give the doctor a call and say that I can't do this. Our county transportation can't guarantee me air conditioning, a bus might break down and one is in repair or the driver prefers no air condition. I probably worrying about too much. I feel like I am going to break into two.

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  • TonyiaRobinson7 first of all sit quietly and take some deep breaths. My mum always use to say when times were emotionally hard ' Count to 10, and take some deep breaths' chill. Be selfish for a change and think about only you. What is best for you? Don't make any rash decisions until you can settle down. I know the ms can make us feel as though a whirlwind has just passed through, and it gets us upside down and back to front, but Tonyia stay strong, find something that makes you smile, blessings Jimeka πŸ¦‹ 🌈 πŸ€— πŸ’ 🍫

  • I watched a new PBS show with my husband called My Mother and Other Strangers; it reminds me of their other show Crossfires just another country, Ireland. I told my husband I was frightened and wanted to try again at a different time. He told me wait until I talk to my neurologist. I guess I can try his suggestion. I see her on Thursday July13th. It is now Sunday morning. I guess I will try just distracting myself playing oboe or reading a book, My Name is Lucy Barton for our book club. Maybe order myself a new belt for my new shorts. No gardening, no exercise class or yoga. Just get dressed in the morning, wear a pretty dress, put some make up on. Do a Bible devotion from Psalms. Listen to new music. Maybe make a nice dinner for two. And keep breathing. - smile

  • Oh! TonyiaRobinson7 i liked that book! She has a new one out that's about Lucy Barton and her friends. I haven looked at it yet. Hope you like the book.

  • TonyiaRobinson jimeka has some great advice! BREATH!😊 πŸ’• You sound a lot like me, to many changes, to fast will for sure bring on a panic attack!😠 Take your time, think through 1 thing at a time, if you can, and then take it from there.😊 🌻 I will write things down to help sort it out also.😐

    Keep us updated?😁

    Jes 🌠

  • Switching around pain medication can be very hard. I told my Dr while back I wanted to stop my fentanyl patches and try something different. After a couple of months of weaning off lowering doses monthly I discovered that I was in much more pain so I told her I made a mistake and let's raise back to my previous dose and stay with what I was comfortable with. Having to get off one med to start another is difficult when your talking opiates. Good luck to you cause I didn't succed.

  • I just about where you are. I stopped the new medication and I am on half of my Fentanyl patch. I think when I see him next week I want to back what was most comfortable. I feel tense. I am not eating well at all. I was told that I need to gain 10lbs by gastrinologist. My clothes hang and it hot and humid here. I can't see suffering any more. The other drug, Levorphanol felt very strong and I was so out of character. I had a bad headache each time I swallowed the pills which would subside and my blood pressure kept getting higher. Enough of that drug. But I need to go back to a dose that relieves me of this nagging pain.

  • It's a tough ride I know. Being I'm moving I've got to find a new pain management Dr. I hope I can get in to a good one pretty quick. Without it I'm more worthless than I already am. I don't do pain well. Get better soon. Pain sucks I know to well.


  • This is my new pain management specialist and he was referred to me by a colleague of my old pain pain management specialist who was just writing prescriptions. Then there practice decided they didn't want to be in the business. So I ended up with a new doctor who head of medical center. He has no problem putting me back where I was comfortable. My gastrinologist even likes my new specialist. Ask all your doctors on your team and pray. I had no choice and it has worked for me

  • I moving about 80 miles from my present Dr so I'm gonna start from scratch I guess. I'll drive back for my next refill at the end of the month and that will give to time to find a new Dr. I'm gonna drive for my MS Neuro but not just for pain management. Being I was diagnosed in April I've been with this Dr for about3 months now and my ms is more specialized than writing a scrip for pain meds I'll stick with him. Honestly I've been with my pain Dr for 10 years and a change is welcome. After my MS dx they admitted they dropped the ball on a lot of my issues over the years. That they were most likely ms related and they didn't Persue them. So they got on my bad side then. Ive had so many needless injections and procedures for nothing that I've lost count so a change is welcome.

  • TonyiaRobinson7

    Wow! So sorry for the tumult you are feeling.

    I think I'd weigh the advantages and disadvantages of changing pain meds: amount of pain versus efficacy of a new drug (no drug can guarantee free from pain and so need realistic expectations), versus side effects, versus cost, versus effect of pain and or med on your quality of life?

    I've found that my fear of something usually exceeds the actual something. My middle name should sometimes be catastrophize 😬

  • I also should focus on one day at a time. As says in the Bible, there is enough in one day. So I will relinquish my fear to one who can handle it all. Christ. But you are right, I made my issue bigger than its true size. I really was afraid that I was becoming like my 83 year old mom, that takes the county and towns transportation. And I am not even 60 years old. I pray that the A/C is not an issue, worse case reschedule my appointment for a better time. I feel better already. Thanks!!

  • Changes of any kind can has us feel so inadequate.Changes in meds are a REAL chemical change and so remember you are not going crazy, you are not making it a catastrophe.I acknowledge your feelings.Even IF we over feel the situation that is real to us.Pls remember you are not alone in all this.....

    I love it when someone can handle are ALREADY handling it...Good intentions of mice and men, fail to make change if they never begin.....I say when others comments get to me.They mean well. Even me....

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