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When do you give up driving?


Our Jvmepm had a scare and thank goodness she, and no one else was hurt! But it does bring up an excellent point.

When, and who makes the decision to take you from behind the wheel?

I haven't been able to drive for about 7yrs now. When l lost the feeling in my feet, the doc said no more for me.😞 I tried to explain to him that l didn't need to feel the break and that the car would stop eventually.😁 He wasn't amused. 😅😅 I was crushed! And just wanted to kick him in the face, cause l wouldn't have felt it anyway.

Seriously though, are you still driving? Should you be? Be honest.☺ And what are your thoughts on the subject? And how do you feel about not being able to drive? Transportation? ECT.,..


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I've completed dmv forms for my elderly patients to revoke licenses. Often is healthcare provider or can be assessed by DMV or the OT assessment I mentioned. It is such a loss of freedom! 🙁⚠️

My Neuro told me no more driving because driving caused my dizziness and I went off the road when I was going from my folks house to my old house (approx 40 mins away) to pack it up. Ooooh, I was so close to my old house, but I guess it's a good thing I stopped when I did- kept me from going down the road with the very high mountain and the drop off with the lake below. Have to admit I miss the beautiful view from there. That was close to 2 years ago.

I sure miss driving, but knowing what happened and having the job I used to (working with seniors) I understand how dangerous it can be. Especially now because my dad can no longer drive either. Dad and I love to share stories of driving when we're feeling down and not feeling the freedom we used to have.

I'm so thankful @Jvmepm is okay! Thank you so much Jesmcd2 for asking the very important question!


I gave it up the first time my foot took too long to reach break. No accident but felt is the only safe thing to do. Hated losing independence to go where i wanted when I wanted. But...i didn't hurt anyone.

Also...I now drive with no controllable distractions. No phone and many times no radio.


erash , jennie62 and karenmbloom

Losing that independence is very difficult. Especially if your not by any transportation. Public or otherwise. And it takes an adjustment!😥😢

Although the last time I drove anything, l "got it" ! 😅 I drove a riding lawnmower and couldn't figure out why it wasn't going. My friend comes up, and takes my knee and slams it down!!😅😅 Oh! Gotcha! I wasn't pushing hard enough, whereas I thought l was. God Help Me, if ever happened on the road.

It was hardest for the girls, they were still in high school. So that was an adjustment, ugh. Luckily we lived close enough to the store that we could walk and my neighbor was awesome to take me shopping to. It's hard having to ask for a ride all the time tho.


I started limiting distances when fatigue got too bad. No matter how rested I am I can't drive longer than thirty minutes. And if I'm feeling exhausted I save it for another day. I'd like to keep my license a few more years but we'll see what happens. At least my don gets his learners permit this year!

My warrior stopped driving when I said "My way or the highway!" I discovered (too far back to remember how) that she was using her arms and hands to lift her leg from the brake to the accelerator and back as she couldn't "twist" her foot the proper way either. Fortunately she didn't hurt herself, or anyone else. She kept her license active until she was told to appear for a road test. She tried lessons with a car with hand controls but realized very early that she might have gone to a mall, for example, and gotten too fatigued to be able to find her car and/or drive home.

I am now the chief cook, bottle washer, transportation specialist, druggist, and everything else, all rolled up into one package.

And she comes home from about 45 days in rehab tomorrow.

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to Peter_H


Well, you my friend, lm sure are her hero! I'm so happy to hear that she is going home! That is wonderful news!

I hope that she will join us after a few days of just being home.☺

My guy has to be that only once in awhile, Pete. And l know how much l appreciate it, because l hate doing it. So you know she appreciates it.



It's such a hard thing to do, since it feels like losing independence and giving up all rolled together. I stopped myself from driving when I realized how impaired I was with cognition and how unsafe I was. We are at least twenty minutes from town, but I was fortunate to have hubby and son drive for me. I was used to being the one to drive for friends who couldn't, so it broke my heart not to be able to help them any more. Ah, so many changes to adapt to. I'm glad to be driving again, but I do a little self check before I leave.

My doctor made the decision to stop driving & I obeyed him. Didn't want to get in a car accident & be held liable for the accident.

I am still driving, haven't had any sort of accident for 30 years..until 3 days ago. I was backing up in a parking lot with one of those monster pick up trucks to see around. I was so busy concentrating on that stupid truck that I didn't look directly behind me and bumped into someone's car. Thankfully it was a very nice young man who said it appeared nothing was damaged,but was getting it checked. The important thing is it was a wake up call for me. Since then I have noticed maybe my reflexes are not as quick as I thought. Really have a big decision to make. Thanks for the topic.

I gave up driving in 2010, soon after leaving the work force. All I did was drive to the bank and home. Although I still used a rollator I could not walk very far. I did use a left foot throttle pedal as my right side was useless. That is the reason I did not go with hand controls.

One thing that helped me make the decision was a job interview when I thought I could still work. I figured I could get to the interview, about 40 minutes away, do the interview, but I was not sure I could drive home.


jessmcd2, it's Fancy1959 and yes I am still driving. If I'm under the weather like i was the end of January or if I'm extremely tired I don't drive. Before i went on disability I was a professional CDL licensed driver trainer. This helped to make me an excellant driver prior to my disability. And as a result it carried over into my disability. My husband says not a sharp driver as I used to be but then sometimes his driving drives me batty is well. The man doesn't know what a turn signal is for!

pamgarner in reply to Fancy1959

they say if someone uses a turn signal in our state it's because it was left on at the dealership! tee-hee


My husband kind of made the decision for me. I was able to drive approximately two or 3 miles. Both of our vehicles have Stickshifts so I have to deal with a clutch and my left foot I would go numb. I would even take the vehicle out of gear at stop signs, stop light etc. so now I have a chauffeur. I miss my independence but know safety is the bigger concern. I am hoping to get an automatic vehicle after further evaluation of my condition. I feel like a drive an automatic but no problem. My only disappointment is my hubby trying to rush me through shopping, especially at the craft and yarn stores. 😊😊😊


I hope you can use Uber or take taxis and not have to feel any sense of restriction but I hate driving call though I just don’t do it because I don’t want to since I’m a student and it’s online


I hope you can use Uber or take taxis and not have to feel any sense of restriction but I hate driving call though I just don’t do it because I don’t want to since I’m a student and it’s online

I rarely drive now.I have been thinking about hand controls though.

I'm a widow, and I still drive. I have no idea what I will do when I cannot. so far the only issues I have with my legs is restless leg syndrome at night and some bit of occasional aches during the day. Bananas seem to stop that. But, I also have a 96 year old mother-in-law, that just convinced the state where we live to renew her license for another three years. I know her vision is terrible and physical condition is not great either, but they did it. On long trips I get out and make sure I take a break every 2- 3 hours. I no longer take the 13-hour straight through trip to visit relatives. I make sure I make it over two days now, so I don't over tire myself.

When it becomes a danger to myself or others....long before I hurt someone! I don’t drive sometimes now because it’s dusk or because I’m having a bad vision day. I would have to drive below the speed minimum to make out where I was going on those days.

Good question. I have always said "if can't change a flat tire, you shouldn't be on the road...."

But now here I am......

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