Amitiza vs Linzess

Is anyone on Linzess? I have been taking amitiza (24mcg twice daily) for over a year now. I have bowel issues due to MS (neurogenic bowels and motility problems). For the most part, amitiza has helped, but not totally corrected the problem. My gastroenterologist has mentioned trying Linzess. I have NO side effects with the amitiza, and would rather continue to supplement it with miralax than switch to Linzess and accrue some unwanted side effects.

I'd appreciate hearing feedback from those on Linzess. Those who've been on both would be great! Thanks! 💕

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  • Tutu I've taken Linzess and prescribed both Amitiza and Linzess to my patients. Linzess caused much cramping for me. I stopped it after a few days. I have also had a fair number of patients that did not tolerate Linzess (explosive diarrhea, incontinence issues) but they did ok on Amitiza. Of course, everyone is different.

    I'm assuming Amitiza is not working as well for you anymore...I'm currently using Miralax with good results.

  • Thanks, erash. That confirms what I read about Linzess. I guess I'll stick with what I know. Just need to use miralax more.

  • I also have the same problems. I take 3 stool softners at night, I take Metamucil fiber supplement in the am. It keeps me somewhat stable and regular.

  • Thanks, CalfeeChick. I take 3 stool softeners every night too. Guess it might be better than diarrhea all the time.

  • Tutu can u try a sample of the Linzess ? There's nothing wrong with the drug. It's just more powerful than Amitiza and I don't want to dissuade you from trying something that you may tolerate and benefit from. While some of my pts dididnt tolerate it there were some who did and they received benefit.

    Also, if you or other might be taking opioid pain meds, there are several newer prescription meds specifically indicated for OIC opioid induced constipation.

    Sorry, I'm a blabber mouth once I get on a topic about this stuff 😳🤓

  • erash 😁 lm glad you do! Cause l learn so much from you! I think on going to have to start drinking a fiber supplement in my water, what's the best kind? And completely tasteless?? I only drink water. 😅 No coffee, soda or anything like that.


  • Jesmcd2

    Psyllium (Metamucil) is best fiber supplement. I think they have some with no taste? Be careful. Fiber supplements can plug you up if either not drinking enuf fluids or sluggish bowels.

    Other good fiber is flax seed or chia seed (nutty flavor) can add to yogurt, oatmeal etc.)

  • You didn't ask me, but I'm going to throw in my 2 cents worth. I take a generic fiber supplement called Equate that I get at Walmart. It has a slightly orange flavor and is sugarless. I throw in a little apple cider mix. I like the flavor. 1 1/2 teas to 1 1/2 C water. It's a little think, but I swallow it down and I know it helps me maintain a reasonable amount of stability.

  • Please keep blabbering, erash! I appreciate your opinions.

    I don't take any pain pills or opioids. And yes, my gastro would give me a sample. He wanted me to check with my neuro first and, wouldn't you know it, I forgot to ask her!

    My gastro said I could take miralax daily, and multiple times if need be, so I may try that first.

  • Tutu, I tried Linzess about a year ago. Not a good fit for me. I need to find out about getting on something for OIC, because Miralax and Benefiber just don't cut it. It's totally disgusting, and too much info, but every single day I have to use a glove to get my stool out. Otherwise I end up with a wicked impction and in the hospital. Talk about a gross aspect of ms! 😝 Oh well, I hope you all still like me. Lol. By the way, I rode my bike yesterday! It was fabulous. It is raining hard today, but will take a picture tomorrow and post it. It is beautiful, very deep red. Tutu, hope you find a good solution.

  • Amore55, it is SO good to see you feeling well enough to be back AND riding your new 🚴 too! Can't wait to see the picture.

    Has your gastro done a full work up on you to determine you have a motility problem vs a rectocele or such? In my 20s, I had both a rectocele and enterocele (due to big babies). My rectum had prolapsed into my vagina (sorry, guys 😬) and I had to push out from there. Those hernias can cause a lot of bowel evacuation problems as well as backup. Surgery corrected mine. My current problems are definitely MS (motility) related. I assume your neuro has you seeing a gastro...💞

  • Amore55 l want to see a picture of you on the bike!!! Did you name him/her yet?


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